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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mish Mash Series

Welcome to the second round of Alphabe-Thursday! In this series, I tied in mish-mash life experiences with my opinions and RAW emotions. It is liberating to just write out my thoughts.


*** A Is For Analyzing Ashamed

*** B Is For Body

*** C Is For Chest

*** D Is For Dad

*** E Is For Extraordinary

*** F Is For Faith

*** G Is For Grave

*** H Is For The Hunger and The Homeless

*** I Is For Idling

*** Alphabe-Thursday-Thankful

*** J Is For Jab

*** K Is For Karma

*** L Is For Loneliness

*** M Is For Miracles

*** N Is For Nuisance Notion

*** O Is For Optical

*** P Is For Pain

*** Q Is For Quiet

*** R Is For Relationship

*** S Is For Sudden

*** T Is For Time

*** U Is For Unfathomable

*** V Is For Vanity

*** W Is For Woman Warriors

*** X Is For Xenophobia

*** Y Is For Yikes

*** Z Is For Zap

*** Alphabe-Thursday Soup Registered & Protected


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