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Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Beautiful Brown Skipper-Part 1

This is a skipper that feeds on the mint flowers among other critters such as butterfly, hornets, wasps, honey bees, and bumble bees in my back yard.

This skipper was so small, and I spent many days trying to take pictures of it. Its eyes were so big, and its saw my every move. Therefore, as soon as I could get a little closer, it flew away.

I finally got one which show the many colors of this skipper on its body! When the wings folded up, you can only see the brown color.

My mint flowers were all gone now since summer is coming fast to an end. They are all brown now, and there are no more critters circling around this part of the yard anymore.

Enjoy your weekend...

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  1. i haven't seen mint flower before. it's so pretty.

  2. What a pretty little creature; so shy and delightful. You captured him so well that it indicates your persistence paid off.

  3. beautiful images of the moth and the mint flower mumsy. at least, your pictures and images captured their memory until they come back again next spring season probably.

  4. Mint flowers are just so lovely. The colors on that skipper are gorgeous. His eyes - huge. He absolutely was watching your every move. He may have been posing for the camera :)

  5. It was worth your patience, the third shot really shows it in all detail. Thanks for sharing your great work on Macro Flowers Saturday and have a great weekend!

  6. The 3rd photo really shows the detail. Nice.

  7. The flowers are very attractive, I am about to get some flowers on my purple mint that my sister gave me. I need to get my camera out, I am so lazy at taking pictures.

  8. WOnderful shots :) Worth the wait!

  9. Skipper is a cutie...beautiful shots...never saw that flower.

  10. Have never seen Mint flowers before! Your patience paid off to get a picture of Skipper moth.
    I always get to see things here I have never seen before and I love that!

  11. I'm also so impressed with your photos, and wisdom, of flowers and critters!

  12. Beautiful treatments of the photos. Well done.

  13. Your photos Mumsy are wonderful of the little skipper and the lovely blooms.

    It's easy to make a slide show - I made that one you saw through google docs but you can make them through Photobucket, tinypics and flickr aswell.


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