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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Went On

I tried for the life of me, to have a loving relationship with the man I was with! I focused only on his good qualities and personalities. However, I was annoyed all the time when he was with me. For three weeks after we kissed, I developed tolerance just to be around him. I was miserable, and he wanted to be loved.

The work place had also become a nightmare when one of my co-workers went through a divorce and had to raise a daughter by herself. She cried and literally paralyzed in carrying out her duties. My manager asked me to take over her paper works, and I thought it was only temporary to help out a colleague!

I understood that my fellow office friend went through a hard time, but no one knew that I also had my problem to deal with. I ended the relationship with the man who I wanted so much to be my future husband. I couldn't go on playing pretend. It wasn't fair for him, and definitely was not fair to myself.

I completely cut off all involvement with him, even though our offices were only a building away. I had double workloads then, and the job became too much. I watched my office friend coming to work just to cry and did nothing, while I carried out her duties for the two months straight. Despite my complaint, the manager didn't do anything either.

I ended up quitting when the third month rolling around! It felt good to stand up for my own rights, and it felt good not having to deal with all the emotional tights to this work place. I walked out, and never looked back.

By now, at home there were also big changes taking place. Our two bedrooms apartment housed my seminarian brother, and our big sister with her two daughters. It was a full-house, but Asian culture was used to it. Our big sister took over the financial part of the apartment, and we all had to chip in to pay for the expenses.

I'm literally taking these memes Pour Your Heart Out to the max!

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  1. Once again Mumsy you prove to yourself just how strong you are. That must have been another difficult time, but like you said, just not fair to anyone, more to yourself.

  2. That's because she made her problems public and you carried yours privately so your boss assumed everything was all right for you. You always show yourself so capable that no one would ever guess what you were going through.

  3. Another adventure. Pour your heart out, it's another novel ahead, I am sure.

  4. I'm sure it felt good to put all of that behind you. looking forward to reading more!

  5. I found you through PYHO. Is there more? This post was very intriguing. You have a wonderful way with your words.

  6. So much of the time life is not fair...but the Lord is always there for us to turn to when He is our Savior.

    I am thankful that when we go through hard times we can still hope in the Lord...THE ONE WHO MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH!

    Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Your story continues to be very fascinating.

  8. I love reading your story. Even though I know it must be painful to write.


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