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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heart Talk-Comment Courtesy

I'm going to jump onto Debbiedoos' blog wagon, and add my two cents on word verifications in the comment section. My blog is about 9 months old, and I have received numerous spam comments, mostly anonymous.

The comments from this annoying creature were about Viagra, breast augmentations, and enlarge "Peni$$$$". Therefore, I have to moderate my comments, but tick the word verification off. I couldn't stand the thought of having such comments sat on my blog while I'm away.

Many bloggers dislike typing the mumble jumble letters after writing the comments, but I don't mind it as much. I do though, IRRITATED big time when the comments are moderated. It's such a waste of time for me to sit there typing in word verification only to find out it has to be approved. Cut this process out already!!!

Then, there are people who love to leave their LINK in the comment part too, even though I had bold faced the entire "COMMET WITH LINK, WON'T BE PUBLISHED", specifically at the top. These people either don't read that part, or just simply choose to ignore it completely.

I have crossed so many blogs that said "Google considers link in the comment as spammed", but no one cares!

We all know how to LINK! Nothing is exciting about this part! When I see links at the end of the comment, all I could think of is "he/she just learned to link", and it looks so lame, so desperate! You are already signed in to your blog, and one click will take us there. Why insisting "Mine is here, mine is up, visit me here?"

I just did a test this week, and allowed anyone to comment, and sure enough, anonymous lurkers came right back with their comments. So, I have set it to "Register Users" only. I really don't have time to deal with spammed comments..

Thanks for being here!


  1. Hi Mumsy that is unusual that you get so many. Now blogger has added a spam blocker, so that may improve it. For the most part I think people are taking off the WV. What happens when we type in the wrong letters, people just leave as they are frustrated. At times I have had to do it three times to get it right. It really is your blog so you can moderate or WV any way you so wish:) Thanks for your two cents....It counts!~

  2. I understand where you are coming from. I hate word verification but it seems to be necessary. There just are those folks who aren't so nice and leave crap. However I don't moderate because I want a comment to appear when someone posts a comment.

  3. People have their own strong opinions about these things. I personally don't care for word verification and i don;'t care about links but i think people should do what they want on their own blogs.

  4. i am glad blogger has now the spam comments, so i do not see spam comments often anymore published in my site. before, i had to keep on deleting them, then, decided to turn the word verfication on, now that the spam comments filtering seem to be working well, i think ( think since I have not checked) i have turned my word verification off again :)

  5. I can feel your anger through your words and I can understand where it comes from.

    Spam is one of the risks that you accept when entering a meme list.

    Just to let you know, many of these comments come from "Registered users" with an empty account and no blog.
    I even tracked down a few of them. This is why Blogger's spam protection is worth nothing.

    All big sites use word verification; moderation and WV are two different things. I saw abandoned blogs by their owners because spam boat leave hundreds of spam comments in a second.

    As for me, I have both protections and the only thing that can be changed is to shut all comments down.
    Those who really want to leave a comment will have patience for WV too.
    For those who just want to live a link, well they see that moderation is enabled after they publish their comment, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time. You ca be sure, they saw your note.
    Sorry that I've got carried away by this subject but recently my main email account was hacked and now I receive these "V" emails from myself and there is nothing I can do.

    Great post today and your flowers are lovely.

  6. I just WV off because I have a friend who has complained continually saying she never get it right - but she still has not left a comment. hmmm I am getting lots of links, which means reading through comments before approving and you can't see them in blogger, so then you must delete. I too have posted requests but they either ignore or overlook. The spam is RIDICULOUS!! Porn, shoes, viagra... If we are offering free advertisement it should be for items we endorse. :-)

  7. I don't know Mumsy, this subject is the least of my worries. It doesn't bother me, but can understand how it would irate you. I don't publish those nasty comments, and place it in spam -It seemed to be working.Is there something you can do? If it's not published, it just won't be linked out.


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