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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As Passerby

He helped me moving into my dorm room at the university, and left without so much of a good-bye. I had to quickly find my way around, and got adjusted when my roommate showed up. Since my brother filled out paper work and asked for a handicap accessible room, I was on the main floor, which was fine for me.

My room, however, was a real "handicapped" room in every senses of the word, especially the bathroom. The bed, the toilette and the sink were raise very high. To use these facilities, I had to climb on a ladder every time, and my roommate had no control of her bodily functions. The noises and the smell coming from her all the time were enough to just kill me. It was like a nightmare and very frustrating to me.

I called my parents to describe my situation in tears. I wanted to come home. I didn't want to be here. My heart broke, and my life wasn't any better. I felt more of a handicap than I already was a handicap. I stayed up most of my first night in the dorm since my room was on the main floor, and there was constant activities went on right outside my door.

The next day, I called him and asked him to help moving me out. He came, not very happy and cranky, moved me back to his house. We exchanged no words! We were like total strangers! It was a tremendous uncomfortable time of all for me. This man, I loved, was colder than the Arctic ice! I wished, for the first time, that I had never met him, or knew him. He represented the cruelest person on the face of this earth.

My brother flew home to fetch my sister, and to bring down a car for both of us to use according to my parents' plan. We ended up staying with his family for the next four weeks while going to school and to work. We needed to have money to rent an apartment of our own.

He also went back to the seminary, and we passed by each other during the weekend. He came home, I went to work, and then stayed out at friends' house until Monday morning. I figured it was better for both of us, and to help me forget him. I joined the Vietnamese students group. I joined the choir at church, and I started to make friends left and right.

My life was full of so many different activities, and with responsibilities. Getting over him was easy, so I thought...

I'm literally taking these memes Pour Your Heart Out to the max!

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  1. The refraction is gorgeous in that first image!

    Mumsy, you've endured so much. And you express your feelings so well in both photos and words.

  2. You sure have some stories Mumsy. You are such a strong woman, because of all these things you endured.

  3. Being snubbed by someone who vowed to love you forever is the most painful of experiences.

    Beautiful photographs.

  4. You really have gone through so much. And you always describe it so well.

    I always look forward to reading the next part of your story every week!

  5. How can someone who does not honor his word take vows? This is so frustrating and heart wrenching. I loved your use of photo editing. Gorgeous!!

  6. This is like most men and most people in general. We are not perfect, though we try to be.


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