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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharp Tongue

Looking back at the journey that I went through with him, I had to admit that I was very stupid and trusting. Even though after the awkward kiss of despair, I knew for sure that our love wasn't the same, and his feelings for me were dead, I still lingered!

This man wasn't honest and honorable as I thought. I believed in his beautiful love notes and promises, but they were just empty and deceiving. It would have been dignifying for him to tell me the truth, or giving me some sorts of explanations, but he went on hanging me out to dry!

I was like a sad ghost floating about not knowing which way to go, or how to handle the situation. I lived in his house as quietly as possible, avoiding any run-in with his irritable mother! I had a feeling that she knew about our involvement since her look for me radiated hatred.

While my seminarian brother was away, he took me to my orientation, and to take my Math placement test. He held my hand, place a gentle kiss on my cheek, and said softly, "Don't go with anyone, I'll wait right here.." Then he waited outside by the door the whole day. I was touched to tears at what he said and gesture. It gave me the impression that he still loved me and cared for me.

We went on for the next few days playing pretend, but it was awful since I didn't know when he would drop the bomb to end our relationship again. On Thursday, before my brother came back, he kissed me one more time, and with a sharp tongue he declared: "Now, I can't love anyone anymore!" I anticipated for that bad news, and it came without startling me.

Just like that, he wiped out our entire connection and feelings! Nothing meant much to him. Love came and died. He was freely calling the shots without much of an apology or explanation, and I was along for the ride...

I'm literally taking these memes Pour Your Heart Out, and Walk Down Memory Lane to the max!

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  1. I am so sorry. This is truly a sad tale.

  2. how very sad for you. honesty is always better than being left in the dark...

  3. I'm brave enough and I love to read something someone writes from the heart. I found you through Pour your heart out. Now I'm following.

  4. Hi there...came by from The Things I Can't Say Wednesday meme...I'm your newest follower.

    What a touching story. You are an amazing have the power to get the reader to 'feel' exactly as you do. That's a wonderful gift.


  5. He seems to be awful shallow to have such an important calling. I am truly disappointed in his ethics.


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