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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainbow Colors-Orange

Lil carefully unpacks her small suitcase that lies on the hotel bed. She picks out a new orange tank top, with beautiful decorated beads around the neckline. The thought of seeing Vince makes her stomach fluttered. She wants to get all pretty for him, even if it is just for one look.

She applies a thin layer of make-up on her face, tosses her hair in the curlers for a few moments, and put on her tank top. She stares at the woman in the mirror and thought, "I still have it." This is a woman that Lil has forgotten a long time ago. She only plays dressed up when meeting up with Vince.

Lil shows up at the same restaurant that she has met Vince before. While she opens the door and steps in, her phone vibrates. She quickly glances at the text on her cell, "Or-ange you pretty?"

Lil smiles. It's Vince special pick-up line! It may sound corny but Lil loves it. He only uses this line with her and that makes it special enough for Lil to like.

She looks for him at the counter, takes a deep breath, and eases gently right next to Vince. They are happy. Their faces light up, their smiles got wider, and their eyes sparkle. Their love shows and it spreads all over the little restaurant.

"Ready for a picnic?" Vince asks

"Now or never!" Lil says

Vince picks up the bag of sandwiches that he has ordered, and shoulder to shoulder they both walk toward the door. The owner remarks as they pass, "Or-ange they lovely together?"

Lil and Vince both laugh, thinking that even the restaurant owner knows their secret language...

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  1. Well, "orange" you clever! What a sweet little story!

  2. Oh, Mumsy I LOVE the happiness of this post - when love is visible to others and to ourselves.

  3. awe, that was a cute story ... loved the use of orange in their secret language!

  4. Cute the use of orange ---nice read...bkm

  5. I love the special things couples say. This really cute.

  6. Love the story! I'm ready to go on a picnic with them!

  7. lovely.
    smart words in orange.

  8. Sweet little story. Loved it.

  9. Awwww. Such a cute story!


  10. Good story! It made me wonder about the back story.

  11. I enjoyed your little story and their special language. Very clever.

  12. Cute indeed. I love the orange to go with the story. It is vibrant as a love is at first start.

  13. you clever gal you! That was quite cute.

  14. Oh I loved it have a way with words!

  15. What a cute story and beautiful photo. How creative.

  16. What a nice, sweet little story!

  17. Love the way you write... makes my heart leaps.

  18. Orange is my least favorite color but you sure did make it special.

  19. Mumsy, this is fantastic! This is really amazingly wonderful.

    I read it twice and loved it both times.

    Thank you for sharing your talents crafting emotion out of your word-smithing abilities.

    This is charming!



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