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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rainbow Colors-Green

The day quickly comes to an end even though Lil and Vince want drastically to drag it out. By the stream, they sit and talk. There is no mention of reality, no bashing of partners, no complaining of kids, and no questions of the future or the past. It is mutually understood by both. They are just there for one another, and live their secret life.

Is this considered a sin? Maybe so, but what God would punish a love so pure? People commit sins on a regular basis. Old men sleep with girls as young as their own grandchildren. Should that be a sin? A moral sin, at least? Why is there a certain thing accepted heartily by society, and why is there a certain thing that condemned?

Lil just wants the day to be longer, and the weekend has no ending! She stares at Vince, and studies all the changes on him. His hair is almost completely white! The wrinkles on the sides of his eyes are deeper, and two lines are formed around his mouth. However, his lips look luscious and kissable. Oh, how she wishes to just kiss him again, and how she longs for his arms to embrace her body.

Vince stares right back at Lil. He seems to read her thought, and he says sweetly, "It's okay! Next life we will be together!"

"How do we know there will be one?" Lil asks

"You are still beautiful even with gray hair." Vince smiles

"But I'm green with envies in this life!" Lil mutters...

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  1. Mumsy, I am falling in love with love all over again. :-)

  2. It sounds like their lives are still complicated. I hope the grass gets greener for them on the other side of the fence.

  3. I liked this very much, a touch sad yet a touch hopeful. Nice job, Mumsy!

  4. I love the focus, color and crop of that photo!

  5. Touchingly poignant and that flower is beautifully captured.

  6. I started at the bottom and am working my far this is my favorite post

  7. There is delicacy in both photo and tale.

  8. Mumsy. Beautiful. Touching. Romantic. Sigh.

    Thank you for linking to Rainbow Summer School for the color GREEN!

    Each week I am amazed by your talent and imagination.



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