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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainbow Colors-Blue

The weekend has winding down for both Lil and Vince. It is almost time to pack up and say their good bye. Lil will get in her car and drives home on her separate way. Vince will also do the same. Neither one of them is ready to bid adieu, but life doesn't wait for no one!

They meet at the diner near their hotel for lunch, and each carries a heavy heart. The weight shows on their happy friendly smiles. It is one thing to find love, give love, receive love and experiment love, but it is totally another thing to realize that their love could never be a reality.

They only have two days a year to confirm their love for one another, and to acknowledge that they still can live fulfilling their obligations with others. It is a choice, a hard choice, but still a choice in honor of love.

The food sits in front of their eyes, and the glasses of water stay full to the brim. Saying good bye is the hardest part of their union, and they often spend the afternoon in silence.

"Until next time, Lil..." Vince sends the text message

"Maybe then, Vince.." Lil replies

"Definitely, not maybe!" Vince assures

Lil cracks a little smile on her sad face, and thinks of the long drive home. This is it, once on the road their communication line will be cut off. Lil just wants to be happy for her love to see before she gets into the car. There is so much she wants to say to Vince, but there is also nothing to say either.

Lil takes a deep breath, stare at Vince for a few moment, stands up, turns her back, and walks out of the little restaurant...

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  1. So bitter sweet Mumsy...I love that flower too.

  2. I love this story and the blue flower pictures are gorgeous.

  3. She will be blue for days won't she.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. two days in a year? this is indeed a great sacrifice for both Lil and Vince. Ahhhh... the things you will do for love.

  5. Beautiful color flower! A Blue story to match this week's theme.

  6. Such pretty blue flowers and such a bitter-sweet tale.

  7. That was brilliant thank you

  8. the sacrifice is so telling of their deep abiding love. but don't you just want to, sometime, say what the hell and cast your cares to the wind and embrace your love...just once. Be brave, Lil.

  9. Lovely, bittersweet story. Nice job, Mumsy!

  10. Wouldn't that be hard? I like your combination of blue flowers with a story that makes me slightly blue, too.


  11. Bitter sweet blues ~ well done!

  12. Such a sad story, but beautifully written.

  13. Beautifully written and the photos intertwined with the words were gorgeous.

  14. Mumsy...beautiful bittwersweet story as always.

    I loved this line: There is so much she wants to say to Vince, but there is also nothing to say either.

    That seems so true of so many times in life, doesn't it?

    Thanks for linking.

    You are a wonder.


  15. That is so sad. How difficult to have so little time.


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