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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bringing Home the Pollen

As I have mentioned, there are many different types of bees around my overgrown mint area. On occasion, there are even butterflies and moths. I believe this one is a honey bee since I can see gold color through its body when the sun hit it just right.

I like all those little dots of pollen on its upper body, and I wonder if it even knows about those. It is truly a busy bee, and very focusing on its job. It flies from one branch to the next constantly.

Most of these little flowers are brown and dried now since the weather is cooler. The critters are very much done with their buzzing also in this area.

I'm still working on my house issues, lots of paper work, lots of time waiting at one office to the next, and lots of mumble jumble to deal with. I will visit you all soon, and thanks for your patience.

Have a wonderful weekend..

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  1. wow... great macro shots. great details too. I can see the pollen sticking on its body. nice.

  2. Busy bee...just like you! ;-)

  3. Beautiful macros with all those details of the bee's hairy body.

  4. Wow lovely bee.. nice shot i can really see the pollen sticking on it. :)

  5. Goodluck on your paper works. Love these shots! I have taken a couple of shots with bees on it too. They must love the mint.

  6. Amazing how you captured the pollen.

  7. These are great close-up images - the bee is totally immersed in pollen.

  8. Beautiful bee picture..I would be afraid to be so close:) Thanks Mumsy, I hope you too have a better week. Debbie

  9. That bee sure has made a mess - great photos Mumsy.

  10. Wow! You can almost feel the urgency of this little bee in his work!


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