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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bee On Mint Flowers

My mint is growing like weed in my yard at the moment, and they begin to flowers also. The bees love these flowers. They are buzzing around these flowers all the time.

I only take a few shots of the bee, and I have to stay out of their way. You'll never know when the bee turns around and stings you by accident. It happens to me before, but I'm not allergic.

Bees are fascinating to watch. The way they dive into the flowers, look for nectar, and work so intensely at the flowers always very enlightening to see. Taking their pictures, though, is not that easy!

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  1. Bees are fascinating and your pictures are so pretty.

  2. Bees are fascinating but Mint tastes great...and smells so good too. Have a great weekend. Debbie

  3. Lovely photos of the mint and the bees. Once, we had mint that threatened to take over the yard, it invaded from next door.

  4. Those are cool pictures Mumsy of the bees up close and personal. Great photo's.

  5. I love mint for it's weed like tendencies. I love to put in place that I can't get anything else to grow. It just takes over and fills it right up. Great bee shots. Great detail.

  6. You take such beautiful pictures! You truly have a way with that camera of yours!

  7. wow great capture. i wonder how far were you when you took this shot because when i took some of mine... i was close to getting stung. hahaha i really need one of those long lenses hahaha.

  8. Your captures are awesome. Thankfully the bee was otherwise occupied. Jeannie just received several bee stings the other day and is allergic. Your flowers captivate my attention too.

  9. You've capture some great details of the bees Mumsy. I'm glad you were able to take these shots without getting stung!

  10. Good to see another bee appreciator, nice pictures, well taken. My camera critters post is bees this week too, obviously the critter of choice.

  11. Mums, what cool pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Blessings, JBR


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