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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Y is For Yarn

Since the orphanage had to fund itself, everyone who stayed in this compound had to carry their own weight. From nuns, to seminarians, to children, to adult workers, we all constantly have to produce handmade items to sell at the market.

We were taught to knit, crochet, embroidering, and sewing. Each person had their own list to do. In general, the men handled wood working, and produced all kinds of figurines or anything that was marketable to the public. The women made scarves, hats, handkerchiefs, baby dresses, baby blankets, and other things.

I learned how to knit, to crochet, to embroil, and to sew, but making hats and scarves were my forte. I produced these items faster than anyone could. I mixed the colors, designed a pattern, and came up with eye-catching items. Soon after, I was put in charge of teaching newcomers. This great assignment became a blessing for the pure joy of getting to know others. Otherwise, it was silence and dull chore.

I loved the feel of yarn between my fingers, and I loved the thought of a ball turning into something useful, beautiful, and unique. We had just one type of yarn in every color of the rainbow. It was up to us to use our imagination to create extraordinary things.

Knitting with yarn was my favorite pastime since my mind was busy with keeping the numbers of rows, the different stitches, and the pattern at hand. It calmed the chattering noises that lived inside my head. It gave me a break from the constant feeling of hatred toward my aunt. The older I grew, I more intense the feeling grew, and it got too heavy that sometimes I could not breathe.

The yarn rescued me from those moments of just wanting to plunge my fist at my torturer! I learned to love knitting, crocheting, and yarn.

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  1. Ah, finally...a bright spot, a moment of respite from the cruelty you suffered at the hands of your aunt.

  2. That is awesome...I knew you where creative with something...and what a something to be creative with. I love hand made scarves and hats...they are so pretty. Now adays the yarns they have with silks and different colors...I bet you make beautiful things. Nice story excellent Y!

  3. I wonder if I were forced to knit, if I would feel so good about it. I think a creative outlet is always good, though.

  4. so glad you had something to occupy your mind :D

  5. What a lovely Y post. I love yarn too.

  6. It sounds like you have a real gift. Thanks goodness you found a great way to interact with others and use your talent.

  7. I love to knit, too, for the same reason, mostly -- to quiet my mind.

  8. What an interesting bit of information about you and the orphanage. At least you learned a new skill and have accomplished it very well. All the work you shared to day is very pretty.

  9. I am glad you found some peace in knitting...blessings...

  10. I bet every line going through and every yarn intertwined reminds you of how tangled the webs life weaved for you. Love your stories...provoke my thoughts. Have a nice night.

  11. Glad that you were able to find some things that you loved to do and were good at at that terrible place.

  12. yarn is also a well told story and I believe you spun a yarn about your knitting!

  13. What a blessing knitting was for you. Reprieve.

  14. Thank you all for your support!

    Beth--I still knit and crochet, but embroidering I can't no longer do since I have bad arthritis in my fingers.

  15. knitting is cool,
    so are you.

    lovely y presentation!

  16. I have crocheted for many years and just recently am learning to knit. It is a very good way to put stress out of your mind while concentrating on what is at hand.

  17. I am glad to see you still knit and crochet - it is a talent and a gift.

  18. I love knitting, crocheting, sewing... There is something very satisfying about, like you said, taking materials, whether it is yarn or fabric and turning it into something practical and pretty. I'd love to see some of your creations. With writing and families it is hard to find time to pursue other interests. I am so glad you had something to help keep you sane and restore your self esteem.

    Take care & God bless.

  19. I'm so happy that you had knitting, crocheting to help you relax some during that terrible time. I know during stressful times, knitting always helps me.

  20. I really enjoy each sequel you share with us on Alphabe-Thursday.

    I'm glad you found this joy. And shared this comfort with all of those you taught.

    Do you still do it? Or does it bring back memories of bad times!

    Thank you for linking!

    I always look forward to my visit here each week!


  21. It truly amazes me how a little bit of yarn or thread can be brought together to create lovely things! Isn't it also amazing that someone from way back when, figured out how or first started crocheting and knitting? I love to crochet and have not so quick with knitting.

    It is good to hear that there were positive, peaceful, & satisfying moments (such as when you were able to share your skills by teaching others) the midst of a difficult childhood.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  22. I am so glad that you had something that you enjoyed doing and gave you a break from the abuse....Do you still knit and crochet? Melinda

  23. Jenny and Melinda--yes, I still knit just for the pure pleasure of knitting, when I have time.

    Thank you everyone for your continuing support! It means a great deal to me..


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