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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Summer School-Red Text

The couple sits across the table in a small restaurant looking intensely on each other's faces. The world seems to dissipate around them and their eyes are fixed. He lays his hands across the table nonchalantly as she does the same.

Their flesh is inches away from touching. A desperate temptation runs through their vein, and the thrill of the forbidden world rises.

"Vince..." She whispers his name as soft as her breath.

"Lil..." He responds in the same manner.

"We made it!" They both chanted after the names left their lips.

Twice a year, they drove hundreds of miles for an outing, and just for a chance to see each other. Yes, they were lovers in the past, and yes, they still love each other, but that was all they have.

Their union is pure, and their affair has no physical contact whatsoever! They enjoy being in the other's company, sharing life stories, talking about dreams, and most of all, feeling the wonder of love.

The adrenalin pumps in their hearts! The sheer joy of being together for a couple of days gives them the drive to function until next time.

Lil plays with her mobile phone, as her fingers start typing.

"I'm so hot right now that skinny-dipping sounds good!"

"You are skinny-dipping, right here..." Vince replies

Lil looks up at Vince, as he points to his head. Her cheeks feel warm! Her whole body droops into the seat. Just once, she thought, just once falling freely into his arms! How great would that be? How happy it would make both of them?

They know that if they break that barrier then their longing and their love wouldn't be the same.

Playfully, Lil texts back, "What am I doing?"

"A lap dance!" Vince answers

Blood rushes to their faces, and they both turn as red as beet!

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  1. What an unusual take on 'Red'! Great post!

  2. Wow...a naughty but spicy RED! Love it!

  3. ooo, love your take on the whole "Red" theme. So intense! Talk about sexual tension :)

  4. Wow! I'm almost out of breath after reading such a truly spell-binding story!

    Can't wait for what happened next...

    Happy Rainbow Red day


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Do hope you can stop by.

  5. Oh my, my face is a little red after reading that! Really racy red post! love it...

  6. I think you just put a whole new spin on the term "emotional affair"!


  7. Oooh, I love it! I'm intrigued, and want to read more!

  8. Wow! I'm almost out of breath after reading such a truly spell-binding story!

    Can't wait for what happened next...

    Happy Rainbow Red day


  9. I am glad they kept the romance alive ....bkm

  10. Omy that was so was like reading a great hot love romance...but so tastefully done! You are a great writer Mumsy!

  11. Very unique I love the story, very innocence but still Hot!


  12. Good job on this story. Left us wanting more. Good red post.

  13. I can't help but wonder if they'll end up putting down the phones and giving in to temptation.

  14. I have to take a cold shower now. Excuse me.

  15. Mumsy! I love this story. I forgot that you can write wonderful fiction since I've been so entranced with your Alphabe-Thursday posts!

    I can feel the heat and tension and longing in each carefully crafted word here.

    Excellent link!

    Can you e-mail me your e-mail address Mumsy so I can get your prize ordered up?

    Thank you!


  16. Congrats to winning! Loved your story. You gave the reader innocence, mystique, passion, romance... WOW!


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