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Thursday, June 17, 2010

V is For Vendetta

As I walked back to the field where my little sister waited, I crumbled the piece of paper in my hands making sure the paper was soft enough for her to use. It was a very rare and precious privilege to have paper, any kind of paper, to clean oneself. My sister didn't know that! She just wanted what she was used to at home.

The orphanage was in a chaos right after the sun light came up. It turned out that the paper my sister used to wipe her bottom was one of the boys' birth certificate. This boy was in my grade and had never liked me a bit, because we always seemed to be in competition with each other for better grades. He went out to the field to do his business, and spotted his birth certificate there. Of course, he had to report this incident to the nuns!

We all had to assemble in the court yard, and the drilling began! One by one, we were questioned, we were accused, and we were guilty! The punishment would be severe for the whole group, if no one stood up and took responsibility for his/her own action. Sometimes, we agreed to take it together, but this time, no one wanted to share the heavy burden!

I ducked the first round of questions, but then I confessed! It didn't matter that it was just a simple mistake. It was a big sin, and I just wanted my little sister to be free of the beating or punishment. When the owner of the birth certificate found out that it was me who stole, he couldn't stop attach other horrible things to my already big sin.

This boy had a huge vendetta against me, because I outscored his grades, and pushed him down to one whole level. He told the nuns that I plucked some grapes for my sister, that I served her a bigger portion for meals, that I used way too much water to bathe her, and so on.

I accepted all of his accusations! So what if I was punish? So what if I had to kneel longer? So what if I got a few more smacking? My sister was happy, fed, and bathed! They all so were worth it. Before the punishment was handed down to me, I even told this boy that I would do it again, and this time I would definitely look for his particular birth certificate, his baptism, and his communion papers to wipe my bottom!

Vendetta against vendetta! My sister went home after two weeks staying with me.

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  1. Always the protector you where and still are....I would have done the same for my sister too Mumsy.

  2. Have you ever thought of writing a book? The atrocities you've seen and endured would be interesting to a lot of people!

  3. This sounds like such a tough place to be.

  4. Anger and resentment are terrible motivators. How much stronger are forgiveness and love!

  5. Hi!
    Interesting post for "v". But I can understand the boys thoughts. Getting back or even is an over powering thought. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  6. It is heartbreaking to read how you were thrust into one compromising position after another due to lack of resources and the callousness of those running the orphanage.

  7. Intriguing post...I so much love those artistic photos...Peace and blessings

  8. hmmm ... life is harder for some people ... you seem to have been given and absurd amount of hardship

  9. I'm wondering now if when your sister went home, if she told what was happening there. I hope she did.

  10. Oh sweet Mumsy!
    How I wish you could have, or would have, gone home with your sister. I just don't understand.

  11. It is so sad that you had to endure such needless suffering and punishment. You were happy to have your sister with you for a short spell, but it was probably better that she went back home. I wish you could have gone too.

  12. You showed so much love for your sister,

  13. Oh Mumsy, what a terrible story - hugs!

  14. Raw courage will win out over any vendetta! Bravo!

  15. Even in all your misery, you were thinking of your little sister.

  16. My heart just breaks every time I read the stories of your childhood. Because you really weren't allowed to have a childhood, and that is the greatest sin of all. Bless you for protecting your sister, I only wish that you had someone to protect you. Hugs, Kat

  17. Compassion, courage and kindness.

    I am not surprised. But I am, as always, amazed that these horrific life experiences did not dull the truth of your spirit.

    Thank you for linking to us each week. Your journey is so very painful...I am always moved by your words.


  18. Wonderful, sweet moments. I don't know how my parents did it either, but I was the same way towards my siblings. May god protect you always.

  19. Goodness! These events along side the other past childhood experiences seem too awful to imagine.

    Blessings & aloha!

  20. Again....great openness with your perspective and feelings. Look forward to reading each week even though I often cry.

  21. you make sure your little sissy read this too, ok?

  22. I'm sure your little sissy still remembers those nightmares at the orphanage. Some memories just can not be erased, it scared her for life from a very young age. With your love and protection, she was able to forgive the meant auntie but could not forget what had happened how her sweet sister and herself being treated while staying there.


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