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Thursday, June 10, 2010

U is For Undesirable Outcomes

My parents decided to send my little five years old sister to live with me and my aunt. I was thrilled and happy beyond words. Momma also sent two body pillows with her for us to have something from home. My little sister got to keep hers, but my pillow was confiscated, which made my sister mad.

She kept tugging at the pillow and yelled at my aunt to give it back to me. This girl had no fear, and had no idea how mean my aunt was. Despite my sister's effort, I had no body pillow, and begged my sister to give up the fight for fear of all punishments that would follow. However, my aunt seemed to hesitate and watchful in the ways she treated my sister than with me.

Just one week into her staying with us, my sister managed to bring more troubles to me than comfort. I had to watch over her every tiny move. She couldn't tolerate hunger, so I ended up stealing pieces of foods to keep her full. She refused to go outdoor alone for bodily function during the night, so I had to wake up to take her.

Then one night, I couldn't wake up to take her due to exhaustion, my sister wet the bed, and ran into my aunt's quarter, which only separated from us by a pulling curtain, to get something to dry herself. Little did we know until the morning that the materials she grabbed to soak her wet bed were my aunt's head gear veil and white bib. These were all parts of her nun's uniform!

I received the heavy beating for not watching over my little sister, and for taking my hatred out on my aunt by telling my sister to use her absolute must wear holy uniform to clean up Urine! It wasn't true, but if my aunt announced it, it was! She gave my sister two slaps on the cheek, and my sister cried for home.

The night right after this incident, my little sister needed to go to the bathroom again, and I forced myself to wake up to take her out in the field. She did number two! We, the orphanage children were used to just grabbed leaves to clean ourselves, but my princess sister demanded paper or else she would sit there all night.

Out of desperation, I went to the school to look for some paper. It was so dark inside the building, and my mind was under pressure with an image of a five-year-old sitting in the field waiting, so I just grabbed a piece of paper at the first table that I could feel in the night.

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  1. I simply cannot imagine these horrors you suffered. I am sure sharing is very cathartic for you. God bless.

  2. This entry reminds me of the books A child called it. I hope sharing helps

  3. it must have been so hard for you - wanting your sister with you but having to watch over her too.

  4. Mumsy ... I just don't understand ... why did your parents send you to that wicked woman? Do you even know? I am so sorry that your childhood was so full of pain! That is NOT as it should be!

  5. This souns terrible. You were put into a horrible situation.

  6. I cant believe that anyone could be so mean to you ... just horrible

  7. You poor thing..cruelty to a child is something most people can't even imagine, much less do...

  8. I hope by sharing these events in your life, help you to better deal with them. Sometimes it is easier to write/type than it is to talk and I only hope and pray that you are finding peace!

  9. I have a feeling it wasn't good whatever paper you grabbed.

  10. Mumsy - you should write a book. Seriously!

  11. I read about how much you've suffered and I just shudder in hurt and anger. Writing about it is good therapy and I hope someday the pain will ease.

  12. Mumsy, I just can't imagine the hardship and deprivation that you went through as a child. Did no one see what this woman was doing to you? Or did they just turn a blind eye? I can't imagine seeing a child being abused this way and doing nothing to help. I do hope that writing this down has given you some measure of peace. Kathy

  13. Mumsy, what a journey you are taking us on everything week with Alphabe-Thursday. This week is no exception.

    My heart weeps you for you...a child in care of a child.

    My stop here today made my heart sad for you.

    I hope there is healing in your telling us!


  14. sadly I look forward to reading more each week. Sadly because of the yuck but the strength and perseverance...amazing!

  15. basically you have left me speechless and that is a difficult thing to do. So, all i can say right now, is HOLY SHIT! and let you know , we are here for you, and I am letting you know I am a new follower.


  16. Mumsy, this is hard to fathom that someone who is God fearing could be so cruel. I truly hope you find some measure of peace by releasing some of these horrid events. How long did your sister stay with you? She was feisty little one, makes me think of my Ruby. :-)

  17. My Mom and Aunt were raised by Nun's in an Orphanage...she doesn't talk about it much. UNDERSTANDABLE...

  18. Okay, now I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what paper you grabbed for your little sister to use?

  19. he he...ha ha.. very truthful, very bold,very sad and funny at the same time. I went through those incidences myself too, ha, ha.. you just brought it back into my memory.


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