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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mouse In the Cupboard

Chapter 1-Final Part

Bella's nose was easily bleed and sensitive. Occasionally, she had bloody nose for no reason. It didn't need anything or anyone to touch it.

Gathering my books and my cornet, I came out to the dinning room table to eat my breakfast, and waited for my punishment.

Sure enough, my mom gave it to me without hesitation. "After school, I'd like you to vacuum the house, and you can't go to your friend's house or having friend over." She paused for a moment, then continued, "Also, I'd like a written explanation, one full page, on your behavior today."

"Vacuum the whole house?" I asked
"Yes, the whole house!" My mom replied

She made Bella's hair in a French braid, packed up Bella's book bag, and put lunch into it.

I gave Bella a mean mad look. It was her that got me in trouble. She wasn't all that good or harmless or innocent. She could be as bad as I am, some times.

My sister could punch, kick, and wrestle if she was mad enough. She could be a great actress, too. She pretended very well, and should be awarded an Oscar for her performance.

Bella stuck her tongue out at me. My mom saw what we did to each other, but she didn't talk much after that.

I had made my mom tense and sad. I could tell because she kept quiet all the way to school.

Maybe she would forget all about it by the time I came back from school.

Maybe some one would come over so I don't have to vacuum or write my confession!

How can I explain my behavior to my mom? It's not like I purposely wanted to make her mad. Am I a growing pain? Am I a bad boy? Why can't I behave sweetly?

Nothing seems right in the morning.

From my hair, my clothes, my food, to my musical instrument, they're all against me for some reasons. Doing what I like is easier than doing what I have to.

I am a boy with very little patience.

Everybody in my house should just go on with their business without me. Let me be! Leave me to find my way! Then, maybe I won't be such a Cougar!

On Tuesday and Thursday, my mom takes Bella and I to school since my dad went to play basketball early. We don't go on the school bus because my mom thinks I picked up too many bad words and bad habits.

Once, a high school boy showed me how to French kiss. He stuck his tongue down his girlfriend's throat.

I almost puked looking at them!

Another time, he showed me how to give a "hickey". He sucked on his girlfriend's neck like a vampire.

I was in second grade then. I went home and tested out on Bella, and my mom banned me from going on the bus since.

My dad dropped us off at school on his way to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. His office was only a quarter mile away from our school. It's better this way since I didn't like to be on the bus anyway.

On the way to school this morning, my mom, Bella, and I stayed quiet. We exchanged no words.

I'm escaping to school from this uncomfortable situation with my mom. At least I don't have to think about it for seven hours.

(Continue on Monday!)

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  1. I remember while growing up always being in a squabble with my little sister, and it was always according to my parents MY fault. I was older (by a year) so I should know better!

  2. Mumsy, I did not know that you were a musician growing up! I love reading your stories, even though sometimes they are painful to process.

  3. Ha, ha, smart kid! Escaping to school is atleast a scholar thought. :-)

  4. You've captured the sibling rivalry well, and I'm curious now--well done. :) Thanks for linking up!


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