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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gerbera Daisy in Macro

I have such a terrible time with blogger lately, especially yesterday when I tried to sign in to do my regular post, Mouse In the Cupboard. Nothing worked! I couldn't get in or leave comments. So much time was wasted in thinking that something was wrong with my computer.

With frustration was so high, I decided to just get out of the house and went on a flower hunt. This is another variety of Gerbera daisy. I can't decide what to call the color of this daisy. It's not exactly yellow, or orange.

The petals are like shredded paper, with pointy ends! I love this color since it reminds me of the children's little puppy, Honey. Her fur was kind of creamy, sandy, and honey in this tone. Registered & Protected


  1. I have been having troubles too Mumsy! With that being said, I think your flower hunt relieved your frustration. I have never seen a Gerber daisy like that...very pretty!

  2. That IS a tough color to name. Peachy sand? Hope you got your computer working well again. Nice shots!

  3. Great macro photos, alot of detail!!!
    Have a great evening.

  4. I would call it "Champagne". Lovely photo. My friend Turtle said she had difficulty as well with blogger yesterday.

  5. Creativity as a result of frustration. Well done!

  6. Great macro shots of this beautiful
    pale yellow daisy!

  7. What a uniqe color of Gerber - I just love them! Paula from Idaho

  8. I've heard many people complain about blogger the last few days. I haven't had any problems, but apparently they were out there in abundance! Your gerbera is lovely. Love that pale-ish yellow color.

  9. I love gerbers and this one is lovely. Love the color and the shredded look of the leaves. Tahnks for joining Bloomin' Tuesday. Hoping to see more of your bloomers! Jean

  10. That is a beautiful flower!

    I've heard complaints from people all across blogger about problems yesterday. Sorry it caused you problems!

  11. Those petals DO look like shredded paper. What an imagination you have Mumsy!

  12. Would you call it "straw"? I've been having troubles with Blogger and Triond. Both take forever to try and leave a comment.

  13. Blogger sometimes decides to vomit and nothing works. No one understands why.

    These macro shots are fabulous, M!

  14. You've captured it's true essence. Paper thin yet beautiful


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