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Monday, May 3, 2010

Should Oversea Writers Pay Taxes?

I have been an online writers for the last three years at Associated Content, Triond, Bukisa, eHow, and HubPages just to name a few. My articles are nothing like my blog posts, and I am happy with whatever I could make doing what I love. Every little bit helps in my situation.

Recently, I have read articles from foreign writers complaining that they don't get up front payment as US writers do at Associated Content, and accuse the publishing site as scamming them by withholding a portion of their earnings for taxes. As far as I know, the publishing sites I'm writing for such as eHow and Associated Content are based in the US, and requires their writers to submit a tax ID.

To me, it is all fair! Seriously, there is no publishing site in foreign land that offers to pay US writers, but we have plenty of companies pay for foreign writers. I'm a US citizen, and proud of it! I would love for US funding to pay US residents, period! Is that making me a hypocrite, racist, or whatever?

Our current economy isn't all that great, thereby our citizens should be first on the list. We pay taxes for what we earn so should foreign writers who earn US money. I don't exactly know how international payment works, but my question is do foreign writers have a right to demand US publishing companies to pay them or for them not paying taxes?

I support all writers, foreign or not, but when it is about earnings, I think all publishing sites have their own rights to call the shot. If I'm not happy with what going on with a certain site, then I stop writing there. Simple!

It is freedom and choices! Everyone is welcome to take it or leave it...Here is my question: should oversea writers who earn US dollars pay taxes to the US? What do you think?

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  1. Very thought provoking Mumsy...I think that is awesome what you do, see I learned something new! In any event the answer to your question, I would have to say NO!!~ Pay taxes like the rest of us that get housed!

  2. Very interesting and thorny question. What are the tax laws when ex-pats work for US companies overseas? One thing for certain, I don't think the poor writer should be taxed by more than one country for any job.

  3. Mumsy, it is a good question. I have heard that many come here from other countries and our government allows them to set up businesses tax free for 5 years, then they sell the business to another family member for the next 5 years and so forth. I believe in helping, but are we hurting our own? Economy is hard hit here. Why don't we offer our own mom and pop stores the same deal?

  4. Well, I'm not sure about that one. But I do know that I pay too much in taxes!

  5. I don't know the tax laws but I think in all fairness they should pay taxes like everyone else but not both US and foreign taxes. I think you are right in that if you are writing for a company and don't like the way things are run than stop writing for them. Just my two cents :D

  6. Couple of thoughts, first, I think it is wonderful US companies accept all writers from all over the world. This act allows them to earn as much as US citizens. In some countries, that is an awesome privilege. Second, I think they should pay US taxes, because they work for US companies. The companies / employers have to pay taxes themselves, so indeed the numbers should match-up.


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