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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mouse In the Cupboard

Chapter 1-Part 3

Like mom and dad, like dog and cat, we disagreed to make one another crazy. If Bella said yes, I'd say no, and vice versa.

Bella was five years younger than I am, but she was very bossy, and acted like my big sister. She told me what to do and when to do it.

My parents loved her a little too much. Probably because she's a girl and she's the youngest. They thought that she's always innocent, sweet, and harmless.

She is hardly ever in trouble.

Bella woke up every morning cheerfully. She ate whatever my mom gave her. She did her routine happily like brushing her hair, washing her face, and brushing her teeth. Bella seldom complained about anything.

As I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, fussing over my hair, I thought of asking Bella for help to out of trouble. However, when I heard her voice, I changed my mind.

"Sidney, get out of there. I need to use the bathroom." Bella said.

I didn't answer. I wanted to be alone in the morning. No one should talk to me. No one should tell me what to do, and no one should rush me either.

Bella knocked on the door again, and I ignored her again. Then, she busted in. The door swung open, slapped into the wall, and bounced back at Bella's face as she walked in. It hit her nose, and gave her a bloody mess.

My sister cried!

I jumped and yelled, "Oh gosh...oh geez..."

My mom came running to the scene. She didn't say a word. She cleaned up Bella's face and helped Bella controlled the bleeding by pinching the tip of Bella's nose.

I was terrified by Bella's blood.

"Are you alright, Bella? Are you ok?" I asked. "I didn't do it mom, I didn't!"

My mom looked at me coldly. She signaled me to get out of the bathroom, the she said, "If you would just answer and open the door when she asked. It wouldn't happen."

"Yeah! Blame it on me! It's always my fault no matter what..." I snapped.

Digging a bigger hole for myself, I slammed the bathroom door against the wall on my way out. It wasn't smart, but I couldn't help myself. I didn't understand why I had to react this way.

I was too feisty!

Finding a reason or excuse for my behavior was almost impossible. My immediate action was just that, acting out my first frustrations, at the time I felt frustrated.

Nothing else mattered that much.

My mom said, "Sidney, you're really going to get it now!"

I looked back at her, "I know! What else is new?"

Going toward my bedroom, I started to feel bad for Bella, and most of all for the way I took it out on my mom.

(Continue on Monday!)

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  1. Good morning Mumsy....sounds like a typical sibling morning!~ I have a little sis too...she never could do no wrong...I was always the one getting caught at something that seemed so innocent gone wrong....can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  2. This is a great story and well written, with lots of action and emotion. And it reminds me of when I was copying over home movies from VHS to DVD how my daughter (who is an incredibly sweet and together person) was so bossy as a child and and her brother did what she bossed. So funny.

    Great story.

  3. I remember taking my sister's beatings. She need I was in charge so I was the one who was held accountable. I can't wait for the next chapter.

  4. My sister and I had our times when we were younger. I enjoyed this very much.

  5. sidney seemed to always get himself in a mess huh? wonder what he will face next?


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