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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mouse In The Cupboard

Chapter 1-Part 2

My dad was more understanding and sympathizing than my mom. He treated my temper tantrum with a sense of humor by tickling me or teasing me about it.

My mom, on the other hand, restricted my outburst, and corrected my behavior. She said she would not tolerate my "talking back."

Talking back...satisfied my urge to release tension.

Talking back...was a way to express my irritations.

What was it that irritated me? Ask all the eleven-year-old boys!

I bet they didn't even have a clue why certain things and certain people ticked them off so easily.

After all, I was eleven and had no idea what was going on within myself.

Waking up in the morning was only half of a battle for me. They other half had to do with my appearance and hygiene.

Taming my hair was the biggest problem. It stuck out everywhere on my head. No matter what I did, it still stood out like porcupine quilts.

I wetted it, put gel in it, combed it through, flattened it down, sprayed it with super hold hair spray, but it wouldn't cooperate!

My hair had a mind of its own!

When I was in Elementary School, I didn't care so much about it. Now that I was a sixth grader in Middle School, I was very picky about it. And to go to school un-groomed was unthinkable, not to mention embarrassing.

I had a reputation to keep.

I had to maintain my popularity.

My other problem was boogers! Boogers of all sorts! Ears boogers! Eyes boogers! Nose boogers!

I resented them since they seemed to add to my morning aggravations.

Washing my face was not my first choice, nor a pleasure. I would rather licked the drool marks around my mouth, and picked those boogers by hand than splashing water on my face.

I had more fun picking nose boogers and flicking it around. The feeling of dried boogers between my fingers gave me a sense of accomplishment. I had conquered and secured a breathing pasage way for my nose.

On top of all, I loved to tease my little sister, Bella, with those boogers. She hated the sight of them. She'd scream, make faces, curl her small body together, and call for help.

Sometimes, pretending to flick the boogers at Bella made me laugh because she would run far away, and would hide from me.

Usually, Bella retreated to crying to get me in trouble with my parents.

Like mom and dad, like dog and cat, we disagreed to make one another crazy. If Bella said yes, I'd say no, and vice versa.

She knew how to use her "girly" weapon, even though she's only six years old.

My sister and I love each other very much, but we also argued all the time. It's like a spreading disease that had no cure. We constantly quarreled.

(Continue on Monday!)

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  1. Oh Mumsy, I found humor in this....For one I too have a little sis, we fought like cats and dogs as we are the best of friends. My little sis was the nose picker, she would stick them behind her bed head board and when we moved they where discovered lol, ewwwww...just gave me more to PICK on her about. Your hair drama I can relate when I was that age, I hated my hair, it was thin, so I would get perms, then that made matters was a constant battle...but we must go through those things as pre teens to evolve:) Have a great week Mumsy, can't wait to hear the rest of your story...I love your honest.

  2. you write with such honesty and yet such humour!

  3. Awesome as usual Mumsy!

    My son is 20 now and still hasn't conquered his hair. But he has surrendered to it and decided that it will just have to be unruly rather than allowing it to upset him. :)

  4. We can all relate. I had three brothers and a sister. The boys were very involved in booger flicking!

  5. Love hearing yoour story. I can rrelate to all of that. Come by my blog as I have an award for you.

  6. What I love about your writing is that it piques the interest and has us coming back for more.

  7. Mumsy - that booger story is hilarious.


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