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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mouse In The Cupboard

Chapter 1-Part 1

I'm Sidney Floyd Broncovich, an eleven year old, normal growing sixth grader, who has black hair, black eyes, and tan skin. My height and weight are perfectly average according to my doctor's chart.

When I was younger, I was easier going, and was not in trouble that often. In fact, my mom said I was sweet and was a good listener.

Sweet? I couldn't imagine being a sweet boy at any time!

Good listener? That too, could not be possible.

My mom called me Cougar, and sometimes Tiger because of my pesky and perky personality.

This morning, like most morning, I found myself in a hot situation for challenging my mom's patience.

At about 7:00 o'clock, she came into my bedroom to wake me up for school. No matter how soft or sweet her voice was, I still managed to find it bugging.

I hushed her to be quiet.

My mom kept on tapping my shoulders, "Wake up, Cougar! It's time for school."

I "sh" her again. I couldn't stand any noises in the morning.

She peeled the blanket off my body, "You're going to be late! Come on."

The cold air brushed over my skin, and I lost control of my temper. I kicked the covers off my bed, "Alright, alright, already. Gees...Gosh..."

My mom passed a quick look at me, "Pick up your covers and make your bed..."

"I know! I know!" I interrupted.

Stamping my feet around, I murmured over and over my two favorite words, "Gosh...Geez.."

"You are going to bed early tonight." My mom shook her head and said. "Such a grumpy person."

I made faces at her and repeated, "Such a grumpy person! Gosh...Geez!"

My teasing voice, pouting lips, and wrinkling nose made my mom uneasy.

"Watch it Cougar! You're skating on thin ice..." She warned.

"What ice? I'm up! I'm making my bed. I am changing my clothes. What else do you want from me?" I asked mockingly.

"A nicer attitude, maybe?" My mom replied.

"Maybe you should just leave me alone!"

As soon as that sentence came out of my mouth, I knew I have pushed my mom too far.

She rolled her eyes, looking at me angrily, "What did you say?"

I walked out of the bedroom, mumbling, loud enough for her to hear me, "Just let me do my jobs already."

My mom followed me down the hallway to the bathroom. She was angry, and when she was angry, she wasn't going to be quiet about it. She had to lecture me. She had to torture me for this action.

I knew what was coming, and yet I couldn't stop myself from this nagging urge to mouth off.

My mom stood in front of the bathroom door while I stepped inside.

"Mom! I need some privacy here!" I raised my eyebrows.

She sighed, "You know, I had just about enough with your nastiness."

I closed the bathroom door.

Yes, I was in trouble. Big trouble!

I was not a morning person by any mean. Everything and everyone irritated me easily. My mood changed from one minute to the next.

Snappy and cranky should have been my middle name instead. My mom gave me those nicknames for a very good reason. It fitted me well.

My family knew I had short fuses. It didn't take much to trigger me into a rage. I could blow up any time, any where, and any day.

(Continue next Monday!)

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  1. Good story, I wonder what Mom does? I am lucky in the sense both my boys get up with no problem, I do have to wake them but they pop out of bed....for now anyway. Have a good day. I tried that photobucket suggestion, it does come up with the html on photobucket but when I paste it to my blog the code does not show....I know the picture is linked to my blog now...I have to play again with it...thanks MUmsy for the tip.

  2. I like it. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Uh oh! :) Good story as usual Miss Mumsy! Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. I like your style, Mumsy. I can't wait until Monday. What will she do?

  5. Excellent and we who have birthed children can TOTALLY identify!

    Really Excellent!

  6. I almost think you were a young boy at one point, you have captured it so well.

  7. Aren't the boys just impossible? I thought I was reading about my own teenager ;-)

  8. How intriguing! Looking forward to the next chapters. I hope you do get it published.

  9. Mumsy, I like it! I am intriqued.


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