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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Why Me Question?

My car has been acting up in all different ways lately, and despite the fact that I had it looked at by different mechanics. No one seemed to be able to locate the exact problem. One told me this, and the other told me that. So I was running in circle!

Then bad lucks hit, and it hit hard! Three on the roll! One morning, I started my car to warm up before taking the kid to school, and my muffle was rumbling! At I got into the car, I even felt the vibration from the seat.

The second bad luck came last Friday. While driving my little boy to his soccer practice, my windshield got hit by a flying rock. It was bad enough to leave a small crack line in the middle of the windshield, and since I had the cheapest full coverage auto insurance, it is not covered under this policy. My deductible is too high, and the cost to replace the windshield is much lower. Can you imagine that?

The third bad luck was a nail in my tire! I mean, how can these things happen to me within short period of time? Though it wasn't that bad, but I still have to take the car to an auto shop, waiting for them to repair my tired, and cost me the extra money that I wasn't prepare for.

With all that had happened, sometimes I have to ask "Why Me?" Why can't I just have smooth sailing for a while? It is pretty tired being me!

Thanks for being here!


  1. Mumsy, sometimes it seems that when it rains it pours. Perhaps it will bring flowers? :-)

  2. <3 I hope things get better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better Mumsy! Being sick sucks and having problems is worst! But it too shall pass and you will be great as always.

  4. Get some rest and get better. It sounds like the thing my husband had. He had coughing and fever for a week!

  5. Unfortunately it seems that saying is true, bad luck comes in threes. The good news is you've already gone through three so it should be okay now. Hugs, my friend.


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