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Friday, April 30, 2010

Venting Out My Fragment Thoughts

Dear Blogging Friends,

I hate to give in to the X since he has no right in demanding to be part of my religious life! No right whatsoever! How many Xes do you know that insist on being in another X's life? It has to stop. Here are a few questions I impose on you:

  • How many more times do I have to give in?
  • How long would it takes before I have a life of my own?
  • Why does he get to live his life without my interfering or demanding, or forcing myself on him, and here is a BIG KICKER: we share the same kid!

Maybe I should be clear and add a bit more detail. The church my son chose to be involved with the Youth Group is a Vietnamese church. I am uncomfortable there with my own people, even though I know many of them, but my son feels a sense of belonging.

The mass is said in Vietnamese. My X is not Vietnamese. He is Caucation. He is not even religious! So this is why his demanding to be a part of it is eating me. This is why I don't want to give in! It's my turf! It's my place. I don't want to have him hovering over me in my place of worship!

Dear Little Son,

Taking on the advices from the comments on my last post, I ask if you want your dear old dad at church with you, and without hesitation, you said no. So that is a big relieve for me. You, yourself, want to have a special and private spot that is just for you.

I understand that, and I respect that. My job is just to drive you back and forth to your activities. I don't interfere in what you want to do, you know that!

Dear X,

Can you just go away for a while? I think I have more than my share of "shitakee" from you already! I am a civilize person, for God's sake! Really, how many Xes do you know that get the run of another X's house? I allow you to come inside my house because of the kids but you take it for granted that you're still part of my life and you think you have the right to it .

For the past 9 years, I never even step once in your house, drive on your street, or impose on all the occasions you have with our children using the excuse that I am the mother!

Think about it and be FAIR

It is not so! I leave your life to you, why can't you leave my life to me? Why do you always want to "effing" impose your life on mine and using the kids as excuse. I didn't do that to you, why do you think you have a right to do that to me? Can you just disappear from this earth to release me from your "effing" choking chain?

Dear Brainless Anonymous,

How many times a day are you going to leave me 300 words comment on celebrities nude pictures? If you notice, I rejected them all, and I'm not a bit curious about them. If you want I will give you my X's email address, because he loves this kind of nasty stuffs!

So stop wasting my time and your time!

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  1. Good morning Mumsy, I think that was best for your son to make the choice, it was very big on his part. Oh and nude pics thing, I think we all randomly get those, that is why I have comment moderation also....nothing we can do about it, it is just spammers, sick ones at that, YES give them the X's address!

  2. You are loaded for bear today . . . and I like it! Good for you. I completely agree.

  3. Hello Mumsy. How are you?
    Nice and cute letters.
    I have lots of spammers too:)


  4. I have to hold back - but I will say i am jealous you can speak freely about your situation.

  5. This is the second post I've seen about celebrity nude photo comments. How aggravating!

    So sorry about your X and his infringements. I don't blame you at all for being so irritated!!!

    Hang in there, lady. There's a special place in Heaven for long-suffering single moms.

    FriFrag friend

  6. You're are the 2nd person to write a letter to this Mr. Anonymous. This guy needs to get a life.

    I'm sorry you're still having such a hard time with you ex. And I hate that your son has to be in the middle of it. Hopefully your ex will get a clue really soon.

    Thanks for linking up and good luck!

  7. Hello Mumsy!

    You have a beautiful blog! So peaceful!

    I think letting your son make that decision was absolutely the best way to handle that. I hope your ex will respect his wishes though it seems he has little for you. I wish divorce wasn't usually so ugly!


  8. Xs can be difficult to deal with sometimes so definitly put up some boundries.
    I haven't had any of the celebrity nude pic comments yet and hoping I don't :)

  9. I've been spammed a lot recently and did also get some porn sent my way. This is definitely not my cup of tea.

    It is sad that he would even consider making your son uncomfortable. I wonder if he really would have the nerve to show up or is just trying to get your goat. It seems he would feel pretty out of place. He has very little thought of anyone's feelings or comfort but his own.


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