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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Karma

He lives in the corner of her mind, quiet, yet invisibly powerful! There are constant conversations going on, tugging and pulling in every which way. He says, "You need to find a man to make you complete!" This statement was like salt rubbing into her open wound. She feels a deep cut going through her flesh, and a sensation of warm blood rushing upward to her cheeks. It burns. It hurts. It chokes!

Slow in response, she finally says, "If I can't complete myself, then no man can!" He laughs and snorts. "You ought to try what I say some times." She knows too well the power of words he uses with her. He means to break her spirit, and makes her feels as small as he could. Words are his weapon. Words are all he has.

Not once, not twice, but over and over again, he insists that she should find herself a man to make her happy. He wants her to validate his thought. Only when she finds someone to love her, would he rests and somehow find relief for himself.

His life is set! He finds another woman to love. He believes that the new lady is his soul mate, and his happiness. He gloats. He is on cloud nine. He truly depends on another human to make him feels complete. New flesh erases 20 years of memory easily.

The invisible man lives on in her mind for years, dictating her every being. She holds out on all of his advices. She works on "completing" herself, and finds herself after those long years of being a wife and a mom.

Now, she has the satisfaction of watching him squirms in miserably with his own soul mate cheating on him. And yes, karma is sweet, especially when she didn't have to lift a finger to do anything about it.

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  1. Karma does have a way of coming around and biting you in the butt. Fortunately, it wasn't your butt being bit this time! Good post and very well written. I love stopping by!

  2. The thing men forget is that we were created from them to be their help mate. It was a man who needed someone. Men are luxuries not necessities, and anyone knows we pay dearly for luxuries.

    Keep up the healing process. Take care & God bless!

  3. SWEET!!~ Karma......oh yes, I do indeed believe in it....I love it!~ Have a great day!~

  4. There is more to come I hope? When life is equal isn't it sweet? Don't you wish for every scar and every cut someone put on you, that they shall soon get their own back as karma catches up with them? Happy ending!


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