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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two Colors Azalea Flowers

This is the gorgeous two tones azalea, pink and white. This flower comes as shrub/bush, and available in many different colors. The ones I have seen around here are light purple, pink, and white.

If you look up online, you will see this shrub or bush in the bonsai type, which is extremely beautiful, and delicate looking.

I took these pictures from a small and well-groomed plant. They were breath-taking, and the leaves are very velvety to the touch.

I love the colors on these flowers, and how the pink trimmed around the petals to give them such a fanciful look.

If anyone interests in having their own azalea bonsai, I found this article, An Easy Azalea Bonsai, which tell you what you will need, how much the materials will cost, and how much time you will have to spend.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter! See other entries at Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly!

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  1. Truly gorgeous and sweet.
    Love it Mumsy.
    Happy Pink Saturday and a Blessed Easter.

  2. Breathtaking, M! I don't know what camera you shoot with, but the resolution, even on macro is wonderful!

    Have a really Happy Easter!!

  3. Stunning pictures Mumsy!~ Did you ever take photography? Happy Easter to you and your family:) Debbie

  4. Theses are gorgeous azalea macros Mumsy, what an amazing pink color. We have them only in the Botanical Gardens. I shall take some pictures too later when they bloom here.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Love this bush and your post. Lovely. Spring is finally springing and the flowers are slowly coming out of their sleep. Yay.

  6. Happy Easter everyone!

    PJ--I just have a point and shoot camera.

    Debbie--I've never taken a class in photography yet.

    Thank you everyone for your support.

  7. Lovely flowers and beautiful pictures.

    Happy easter to you.

  8. The pink and white variegated azaleas in my front yard are in full, full bloom right now. I really should photograph them. Thank you for this beautiful and informative post!

  9. Love those azalea..beautiful pinks!
    xo Tami

  10. Your flowers and photography are beautiful! May you have a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. Oh thats just stunning. I've seen a few azalea bonsai bushes on a single stem and they were lovingly tended and cared for. I think to grow one of these would be quite a challenge and I'm sure to buy one isn't that cheap either. Beautiful photos.

  12. Wish you a happy Pink Easter weekend !
    ♥♥ Rini the Netherlands

  13. Beautiful pictures and beautiful flowers. I love when flowers are shaded that way . . . they look like they are lit from within.

  14. They are very lovely! I have a solid pink azalea under my tangerine tree - but it's doesn't have any flowers yet. P.S. maybe my mum and your mum are cousins in their past life? hehe

  15. Those flowers are so spectacular. I am trying my hand at a bonsai tree from scratch. I am almost at the one year mark. I don't know if it survived the winter yet.

  16. Your azaleas are very, very beautiful. Wow. These are works of art.

  17. I love Azalea bushes. I had one once until someone mowed it over!


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