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Thursday, April 22, 2010

N is For Naughty

While we were at the orphanage, we were taught how to sew, how to do embroidery, how to knit and crochet. From young to old, everyone had to work, and everyone had to produce some sort of things that were valuable enough to sell at the market for money.

My two best friends and I were the leaders in the embroidery department. We made handkerchiefs, hand embroidered cute or pretty designs in the corner, and our handkerchiefs sold well in the market. Thus, we earned a few trips to the market on our own. There was nothing better than the feelings of freedom.

On our way to the market, we crossed a little temple, and a graveyard. The temple always had fresh fruits or other foods offered to the Buddha. At the graveyard we saw other edible foods that were left on the head stones for the dead. They were like gold for three starving kids! Temptation was high and the urges to devour them made us drool every time we passed by these areas.

We were told, by our nuns, that we couldn't eat the foods at the temple or at the graveyard, because they were offered to the Gods/spirits, so eating them we would have sins. In our minds, they were a waste, and we were hungry.

One day, we decided to commit sins on our way back, and ate all the foods that we could put our hands on at the temple. We stuffed our faces! We rolled on the ground at the graveyard begged forgiveness before we ate the foods. We knew quite well that we would be punished, but when hunger stricken, we had to hit back.

Our naughty behaviors made us satisfied at that moment, but trouble awaited for us right at the front gate. Apparently while we enjoyed our foods, the neighbors reported us to the nuns. We had to wear the signs "Naughty" on our back, "Thief" on our front while kneeling in the midday sun. We were sent to confession for our sins, and of course, no foods for the day.

The moment of glory for us was that only moment we decided to be naughty! It was worth every bit of it! We were full for the very first time. We got to eat some very tasty foods. We got to actually committed sins. Somehow, with all the handkerchiefs that we made and sold for the convent, we deserved to be naughty and fed by the foods on the road.

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  1. The true sin here is letting children go hungry. Do you still embroider? I've always wanted to learn, but never had the patience or the aptitude. Kathy

  2. I'm wondering why the other nuns didn't step in and help the children that were hungry? I'm sure God was happy that you all got to eat.

  3. Hi Kat,

    No, I don't do embroidery anymore. Arthritis takes care of that..

    Thanks Kat, Viki, and Julie for coming over!

  4. very funny, i bet those who were offered the food were glad you took it :D

  5. I agree with Kathy, letting children go hungry is a sin in my book. I would starve before I would let any child in my care go hungry for one day....

  6. You were hungry kids - God would not want you to go hungry and all the food to go to waste.

  7. Mumsy, I remain captivated by your story and look forward to reading what comes next. I am happy you were finally able to feel a full belly as child.

  8. I agree with the first comment ... the real sin was letting you all be hungry ... you were not naughty, you were surviving.

  9. Any God or god or Holy Deity or Higher Power does not want children to be hungry.

    You were doing what you needed to do to survive.

    I am crying over your post Mumsy.

    The thought of children suffering just bruises my heart.

    Hugs and healing...

  10. Man's rule...naughty. Starving children is not of God. I love your survival instinct. I don't know what life is like today but methinks you survive well!


  11. The fruit was going to waste and you were hungry. The sin was in letting you be hungry to begin with, and that was not your sin, but the nuns.

  12. That must have been so satisfying. Certainly the other nuns and your aunt will be held accountable by God.

  13. Thank you for sharing again. I too don't believe that what you did was a sin. Christ tells us to feed the hungry!

  14. I like reading your stories about the orphanage days. The only bedtime story I get now a day :-) thanks for sharing.

  15. I agree with everyone else...God probably smiled seeing you all enjoying His food.
    Lovely pictures!

  16. I am glad you got to was well worth the naughty sign!!!!!

  17. In my book, it is a far greater sin to deprive hungry children of food as punishment. And forcing you to kneel in the sun with those horrible signs is nothing short of repulsive.

  18. Having lived in Asia for a while and seen much food offered on altars of all sorts this scene from your life is so easy to imagine and understand. You were hungry.


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