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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Raw Drama

The yelling and screaming took place late at night on Saturday. I was handling a cold and flu on my own while nodding off on the lazy chair. It was 11:30 when he brought my little boy back. I woke up shaking by the noises, and was pretty sure he went up stair, but for some reasons, he came back and laid the child on the couch.

All day, the unsettling feelings plus the cold and flu symptoms threw me in to another world. I was half in reality of life, and was half in limbo. He tormented me since 9 o'clock in the morning. His presence early in the morning at my house was not welcome. I avoided small talks. I resented his comfortable being in my house. No one was like him when it came to X spouse.

While waiting for the little boy to get ready, he went ahead and changed his clothes in my other room. Yup, he was very comfortable in my house! Then, came back to the living room where I was working on the computer, and started his push-ups, sit-ups. The sight of this man doing whatever he pleases killed me! I didn't ask him to feel comfortable or treated like his own house.

No, we were divorced, nine years already! But old habits die hard, or perhaps the lack of parental guidance gave him an airhead. In any case, he left with the child, but the child wanted to come home at night. He just didn't want to go with him every other weekend anymore.

So as I staggering dragged my feet to go to bed, he stopped me on my track: "Let me tell you something, I don't care if you want to hear it or not, you're going to listen to what I have to say..." Now, at this point, in my situation, at this time, in my house, I got nothing left to defense myself but yelled. Yes, get the "effing" out of my house. But he planted himself in my path like a giant tree.

When things didn't go his way, it's automatically my fault! It's all the bad things that I did! It's me, and my fault!

Then he threatens to take me to court, for not carrying out my part! His finger was pointing in my face and swung this way, that way! He was very sure that the court would rule in his favor. He was convinced that everyone would see how evil I'm. Through the darkness, he was an ugly figure! He bullied me in my own house, at midnight.

Just at that moment, a thought ran pass my mind, and that was I NEED A HUSBAND! No, really, if I have a husband, he wouldn't be freely coming in to my house, doing whatever he wants, going up stair to my bedroom, or bullying me with his being. Definitely, I need a husband! But oh shoo...what if it turns out to be another man like him...

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  1. You need a large male presence in your home whenever the ex is going to come to pick up or drop off your child: a friend/relative/neighbor or the friend/relative/neighbor of someone you know.

    When he says he's going to take you to court, he's only messing with your head...because he THINKS he can. Nobody is going to take you children away from you.

  2. I am so sorry this happened to you. stand your ground!

  3. You should call the police. He has no right to be in your home if you don't want him there.

  4. Mumsy, I saw on PJ's you've been sick. I hope you are feeling a tiny bit better.

    I'm sorry you are surrounded by such ugliness.

    It is easy to say "stand your ground" but the component of fear makes it difficult to.

    Gentle hugs and prayers for guidance coming your way.

  5. What about a very large, MEAN guard dog with BIG teeth?!

  6. So sorry. I hope that he does not do these things especially anywhere with your child.

    Brandi is too funny because I know she has two big guard dogs!

  7. Yes, a big dog to bite and growl like he does, but we know that would not work, but still sounds wonderful! Love it! I would rather live with a dog than most men!

    Why do men like to play their intimidation games and mess with our heads? Why would he bring him downstairs and lay him on the couch for this scene? Just stupid!!

    Prayers and blessings!

  8. Just another confirmation of why you left this bully of a person, I will not say Man, because no Man treats a woman like that, you know that!~ I hope you are feeling better.


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