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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fragment Journal on Men

***Guest Post by JL***

Dear Mr. Man,

Lucky for me, I ran into you. God knows how I took care of myself and raised my children before you came along, because according to you I am clueless, stupid, incompetent, and worthless. Yes, according to you, and of course you are the final and ultimate source on everything. It's a wonder I have survived this long. Lucky thing you came along.

I owe you such a debt of gratitude. I should bow down and kiss your feet daily. I should never raise my voice or an eye brow at anything you ask or say. I marvel at your wisdom and thank you for taking the time and patience to try to explain anything to someone so stupid as I. I deserve to be called names and degraded. I deserve to be belittled and embarrassed. Perhaps this is what it takes to teach me to shut up, keep my opinions to myself, and realize that you know it all.

I was placed on this earth to do your bidding. It is my sole mission. Is there anything else I can do for you before I buy our groceries, cook our meal, clean my house, do our laundry and get ready to go to work to pay our bills? Whatever it is, name it, and it will be my silent pleasure.

Who knew this is what marriage is all about? Last I knew we were created from Adam's rib, not the bottom of his feet, to be trodden on. Silly me, there I go thinking again. . .

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(Since starting this blog, I have heard many people expressing their wishes for a place to write out their "RAW Thoughts and Feelings", somewhere that is safe to be true and honest to oneself, without fear of steeping on someone's toes! So I offer my space to those close friends that want to "write it out loud"!)

Thanks for being here!


  1. Bravo.

    Friday Frag visitor - have a great weekend!

  2. Mumsy that certainly is not a what marriage at ALL!!~ I am so happy you realized that. There are good Men out there, waiting for you when the time is right. Have a wonderful weekend!~

  3. I often feel like a slave...
    stopping by from FF

  4. Mumsy...I may take you up on that...anonymously of course!

  5. Wow! was I just transported back to third world Middle ages??

  6. Wow, raw is right. I'm so sorry you're having do deal with crap like that right now. Hopefully things will start looking better soon.

    Thanks for linking up, I hope you have a great weekend minus any drama!

  7. sounds like you were living in MY marriage...

  8. Glad Mumsy shared her space with you today; sounds like you needed it. I'm glad you got to vent some. You don't deserve to be treated that way.

  9. I am never getting married!

  10. I wish J L well in her marriage. Marriage can be a lot of work sometimes; correction, most the time. Thanks, Mumsy for allowing writers the platform to vent.

    God bless!

  11. That was very good writing and great expression in so little words. I heard all of your heart-felt spills. Even the nicest, kindest and sweetest man can sometimes make you feel that way! Very empathize with you my dear.


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