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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drooping Daffodils

This year, April shower is really an April shower! We have more rainy days than I care to remember. Though rain is good for the earth, but just coming out from a long snowy winter, I am ready for warm sun to spend time outside.

Daffodils to me are the sight of Spring! It means that the weather has really warm up enough for these flowers to bloom.

Most of our daffodils were drooping after two continuous rainy days. These daffodils were bright yellow, but the lack of sunlight made them look almost orange.

I develop an obsession with water drops on flowers, and the rain provides me the opportunity to do so. Many of my friends also live in a hotter climate, and said that they really miss daffodils.

I waited for the rain to stop, ran outside to take picture of my daffodils with the idea of turning the picture into a postcard for friends that could not growing this flower in their neck of the woods.

With so much rain and cold days, I was afraid that my daffodils would not survive, but they did! They bloomed beautifully when the sun finally came out, and the color went back to bright yellow!

Thanks for being here!


  1. I like your raindrop-photos!
    Happy Watery Wednesday!

  2. Strange spring we've been having here, too. Almost summer one day, snowing the next!

  3. I'm always amazed by daffodils. They can take to cold and the rain, even snow, and bounce right back. Pretty photos!

  4. Love the raindrop photos, we are on day two of rain, but everything is so green and plush, looks great and has washed away all the nasty pollen.

  5. beautiful photos...I really feel transported to a specific moment in time, perhaps because of the raindrops.

  6. Wow, these are beautiful. I can actually feel the cool of the droplets.

  7. You did a remarkable job capturing the rain drops on your flowers. Makes for a very interesting affect. I joined your other followers today. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I do a post for Pink Saturday. Beverly is our hostess for that day and she ask that we feature someone we have not visited before. I would like to do you for this coming Saturday. You will enjoy seeing what so many pinks there are out there.

  8. I love your photos Mumsy ... the raindrops are gorgeous ... makes me want to touch the water and feel the air ...beautifully done!

  9. Beautiful pictures, Mumsy. The water droplets look like jewels. I love that effect, too. I planted lots of Lady's Mantle just because of how the water looks like diamonds as it pools on the leaves.

  10. Beautiful photos droopy or not, very nice. Thanks Mums.

  11. Simply beautiful! I love daffodils.

  12. I am with LemonyRenee', I think sometimes the water looks like diamonds, because in the right light, it sparkles. :-)

  13. Daffodils are amazing! They look so pretty with the rain droplets!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday! :-)


  14. Lovely, delicate images of these daffodils!

  15. Such beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!


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