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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful Red-Winged Black Birds

I saw these black birds near the ducks and swans by the river. They all seemed to get along very well, and were very used getting fed by humans. Whatever foods the ducks and the swans missed, these birds snatched them up quickly, and flied away.

I am pretty these birds are called Red-Winged Black Bird, though some of them had orange or yellow markings on their wings. They were beautiful to watch since the rest of their black feathers glowed under the sun.

These red-winged black birds are not that shy around their animal friends, but they definitely don't like to see humans' shadows. They flew as soon as one took a step.

The quality in these pictures are not that great, but what do you expect from a point and shoot camera?

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  1. These red-winged birds do not look like our red-winged blackbirds. You may try posting this photo here: to get id verification. I like the mosaic you created.

  2. Fantastic mosaic photo of the birds, love its color combination. Very cute bird.

  3. I love red-winged blackbirds and I don't see them much anymore now that we live in town. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Thoughts from Meme's Corner sent me your way! You have a lovely interesting post! Welcome today to Pink Saturday and I am going to enjoy stopping by. Come see me soon and please join me too! Anne

  5. Love the setting you used to display the shots. The mosaic is great. Lovely shots all the same. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I have many red-wing blackbirds to our feeders too. Lately him and her have been there. She is striped and brown. Good capture. Valerie

  7. Regardless what the proper name is for these birds, they are pretty. I like that little touch of red.

  8. I used to live on a golf course, right near a pond and there were countless red-winged black birds! They're quite regal looking.

    Nice post, Mumsy!

  9. Yes, they do look like the Red Wing Blackbirds I am use to seeing. I have a point and shoot camera also.

  10. Great photos and lovely Blackbirds.

  11. I saw Black Birds but have not seen before Red Wing Blackbirds. They're beautiful and you photographed them very nicely.

    Have a great new week, ciao! :-)

  12. Howdy
    I came by on the advice of LV and I am sure glad I did .
    These are wonderful images .
    Thank you for sharing.
    I did some roaming around your blog it is great.
    Looking forward to another visit .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  13. Never saw a bird like that with the red wing. And you still do pretty darn well with a point and shoot camera!~ Thanks for voting on my blogger contest:)

  14. I love Red-winged Black Birds. Around my place, they are the harbingers of spring. One of the first to arrive. I love when they sing their songs in the heat of the day. You have some lovely captures!

  15. Nice shots of the Red-winged Blackbirds Mumsy. They are fun to watch, especially now during breeding season.

  16. One of my favorite birds. Great captures Mumsy!

  17. I have never seen those birds. What a great mosaic!

  18. They are sleek little looking guys, well captured.

  19. Very nice capture. It's simple gorgeous.

  20. They are beautiful birds, aren't they? I never tire of watching the ones near us. It's been fun following the changes in behavior as they mate and settle into raising their young.

  21. Are there's birds territorial ?? I have been working by an area that's what would seem theses birds have made their home and I'm getting attacked. Same spot on the back of my head. Is there any way to deal with this as besides from well less then ideal methods. Thought pls.

  22. It would this very bird is what is attacking me while I'm working. They don't seem to afraid of me and when I'm working by these birds it's non stop. Any thoughts on how to prevent or stop this behavior ??

    1. Hi Nathan,
      I have these red-winged blackbirds around the neighborhood and at my feeders. They are shy around me, and usually took off to the smallest noise.

      Maybe your're too close to their nests..


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