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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Misfit Union

As in any relationship, there were happy moments, and there were unhappy moments. Life was not just all about the roses for everybody. Different people experienced life in different ways. Some were luckier than others, and some were not.

I was dealt with a plate full of "crab-apples", of which I had yet to understand why. Though in no way these experiences paralyzed my life or stopped me from wanting to push forward. I took one day at a time, and enjoyed the happy moments as much as any person would.

We were in college then, and had an art class together by chance. In my mind setting, I didn't go to school with the hope of meeting boys. I just wanted to get my degree and proved to myself that I could do it, no matter what! I had no ideas what I wanted to study or wanted to be! I let people's opinions about what I should do or be, stayed in the center stage of my mind.

So I signed up for the requirement classes, hoping something would stick out, and guided me. I knew I love to draw, so art class fitted in perfectly with my goal. The first time I ever noticed him was in the cafeteria when he addressed me as "Hey...hey" to get my attention. I was raise to be respectful to everyone, and his way of "pick-up" took the wind out of me.

As quick as I could, I turned and corrected him, "I have a name, and if you don't know my name, say excuse me, not hey hey." I wiped off his smirk smile and his friend's smile in a split second. At that time in my life, I wore a thick outer layer of armor, and a real "bitchy" attitude. I was not about to let anyone got away with how they treated me.

Later on, I saw him in my art class with a total different attitude. He apologized, set up my drawing board, showed a gentle caring touch, and slowly melted down my armor! No, he wasn't the best looking guy on campus, and deep down inside I knew that he wasn't the man my mind had weaving dreams about either.

Living so many years of not knowing what love was, or what it looked like, or what love felt like, apparently the weak woman in me totally gave in and believed this man loved me with just his kind gestures. That was my first mistake!

The simple reason for this union was a draw together by loneliness of two misfit souls.

Thanks for being here!


  1. We certainly live in and learn don't we? I wish I had that talent to draw or paint! When my husband and I were first married, first apartment,had shit to our name as he was a student...I painted an awesome abstract, hung it behind our couch, and loved it. That was all I ever did and never tried it again. Do you ever think about falling in love now? Or do you feel you won't? I believe there is a soul mate for all of us. When we are willing to take a chance on love again and open our hearts and minds to it, it comes when we least expect it! Just wondering:)

  2. Oh Debbie, love is a scary thing to me, but I hope to know what it truly feels like sometimes. I have been single for over 10 yrs now, and if it happens, it will happen..Thanks for all the support!

  3. We only really learn from personal experience. By your own admission, you had none when it came to love.

    The good thing is, you learned things about what you don't want in a relationship. That's important!

    This happens to a lot of women. Don't lose faith.

  4. Yes, I agree don't lose faith. I never wanted to be married and was on a career course headed for doctoral. Screech...God said, "no." I meet a man that I couldn't have dreamed of myself, but God knew what I needed. We married when he was in his forties...don't know why he wasn't snatched up sooner...had to look him over real well to see if there was a problem. LOL

  5. Don't lose faith. It is never too late to find love. I was alone longer than you when i found my husband.


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