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Thursday, March 25, 2010

J is For Joy

While staying at the hospital, the white toy dog was my closest friend when Captain Cook wasn't around. I ate, slept, and played. I didn't have to wake up early to do chores. There was no yelling no punishment, or beating. Just joy and rest!

The two African-American soldiers kept a really close eye on me, but with language barrier we couldn't communicate. They just smiled a lot. I was too young to concern about their injuries or why they were there. I remember Captain Cook used to come to visit me after five o'clock. He always brought a piece of candy, an apple, or an orange and watched me eat.

At the orphanage, I often went to bed with an empty stomach. A cup of rice or two wasn't enough to nurture the whole day of work my body had to take. We ate lots of vegetables and we had fishes once in a while. There was no meat or fruit available. Everything we grew or harvest at the orphanage had to be sold or exchanged for other commodities.

I had to work from dawn to dust to earn my meal, but at the hospital I didn't have to do anything and my stomach was always full. It was an incredible feeling, even for a little child to hold in. I got to wander around the ward. I got to be a child. Frighten, lonely, confused, but a child at last!

Captain Cook held me back in the hospital for as long as he could, but we all knew that day had to come sooner or later. He had no rights to keep me. The hospital ran out of beds to keep me. I couldn't remember if I was sad at all. It was what it was, a short happy fairy tale that I didn't ask for, but got to live it.

I had enjoyed my stay, and shared some joyous moments with people that I didn't know or saw again in my life. Captain Cook and I both knew that it was time to go back to reality without fuss.

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  1. Good Morning Mumsy! Joy was good. Such a touching heartfelt story. I think of the two African american men smiling at you like Buckwheat from the little rascals....that is what I envision. I am glad you had that time...who would think a hospital stay could be so joyous...but I see why. Have a Joyful Day!

  2. A happy break from reality. I'm afraid of what came next though.

  3. I would think I'd have been anything but joyful, to have such pleasant days draw to an end :(

  4. What wonderful men these soldiers were. And I'm sure that they never thought that being in a hospital would be joyous, but for you it truly was. I hope that somewhere, your Captain Cook is reading this and knows what a blessing he was in your life. Hugs, Kat

  5. What a powerful post. My mother spent some time in an orphanage when she was an infant. I'm glad the orphanage is in your past.

  6. How I wish Captain Cook could have figured out some way to protect you in the future.

  7. It is odd and wonderful that joy is defined and happens so differently to everyone. Joni

  8. I can only imagine that knowing the joy of safety, rest and a full tummy only made returning that much harder.

  9. I'm just glad the Captain found you and you were able to experience joy and comfort.

  10. Interesting story. Keep writing Mumsy.
    Until next time.
    Happy weekend.

  11. I hope your Captain Cook is reading these posts. And I hope your are finding some joy in your life today.

  12. You earned that JOY! Wish there could have been more for you.

  13. I followed your link and read the entire series. Power stuff.

  14. glad there was at least one bright spot in your childhood :D

  15. oh wow, i am so glad you experienced some joy ... even if it was with strangers ... i am glad to read about this positive point in your childhood.

  16. Adventurous and heartwarming story. The photo, I love as well.

  17. You cup is more than 1/2 full when you can focus on the joy of the moment instead of what preceeded and followed it.

  18. I am so glad that you had some joy in your life........

  19. Mumsy,

    It is with letter #10, J, that I jumped into the Alphabe-Thursday journey. I have read some of the other "J" entries and moved on because there is a lot of good reads.

    But when I hit yours, I went back to the beginning and read every one of your consonant and vowel posts up to now.

    And I am speechless at such abuse.

    And I am hopeful that with each word that you write that you will heal just a little bit more. That as each word describing your journey comes out of your being that it is replaced with joy.

    ByTheWay....I love your name, Mumsy.

  20. Such a stirring and emotional story, if only short lived.

  21. Thank you for sharing about this joyous time in your life.

  22. I'm glad for this time of joy for you; though sorry it came to an end. What happened next? When did you get to leave the orphanage for good? Do I just need to be patient?

    The roses are lovely.


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