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Thursday, March 11, 2010

H is For Humanity

(I have received comments asking to know more about my guardian angel, an American soldier, so this post is dedicated to him, and to all those that care enough to ask.)

As I previously mentioned, I don't remember how Captain Cook came to notice me, but I knew that he had special feelings for me. Since our boarding house was also certified as an orphanage, and convent, we received supplies of foods or whatever the American troops were willing to donate.

Whenever we saw the military truck at the gate, everyone was excited and happy. Many children circled the soldiers for that special moments, and all the nuns were in their best behavior. I was not part of this group since I always had a long list of chores to carry out. However, Captain Cook found me after a few visits, and literally took me under his wings.

For the first time in my life since living with my aunt, I experienced something so tender, and so loving. After he went around the orphanage looking for me, Captain Cook picked me up and held me in his arms. He walked around the campus to show me off to his friends, and I could feel a burning sensation on the back of my head with my aunt's eyes. Of course, the punishment would come later after the soldiers went back, but there were nothing I could have done to prevent that.

I was not sure if Captain Cook was his real name. I just remembered hearing my aunt calling him with that. He was a great Humanitarian to the orphanage, and to me especially. He had saved hundreds of children from starvation, sickness, and dead.

I was about nine years old when I got sick. I laid in my bed with a fever and a cough for over a week alone. My aunt wouldn't like to hear my coughing, so I had to bury my face deep in the pillow as not to cough so loud. My ribs hurt. My stomach was empty and in pain. There was just a cup of water sitting under my bed, and nothing else. No food! No medicine! No one was around for days. The water emptied, and the cough rise to the point that I couldn't actually cough anymore but just panting like a dog.

I curled up as small as could be to lessen the pain. Then the fever came. I was in and out of consciousness. All I could remember was that I made myself into a tiny ball, and wanted to just pass away.

But then Captain Cook came like rolling thunder, bursting down all the doors to each room of the building, asking my aunt where she had hide me, pushing her aside when he finally found me laying in my own sweat and burning to his touch. I managed to open my eyes to see his face as he scooped me up and ran while my aunt tried to stop him.

When I first woke up after that, I was in a bath of ice cubes in a very strange place. From head to toes I was covered in ice cubes. I saw my rescuer sitting nearby, and then I blacked out again.

If he didn't show up at that exact time to save me, I truly believed that I wouldn't be here today. I have been looking for him for many years, but without a first name and a suppressed memory, it was impossible.

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  1. This life story brings tears to my eyes for the cruelty, neglect, suffering you went through; and for a man strong enough to care and act. Thank you so for your writing.

  2. You write about this painful time with such clarity, I can almost hear your cough and feel your fever. I hope this is cathartic for you, it's almost impossible to imagine such fear and pain. Captain Cook does sound like a hero, and I hope that someday you are able to find him. Hugs, Kat

  3. Oh my. Here I was ready to delve into my own little pity party and I read this. With tears streaming down I am sending prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving for your "Captain Cook". You are here for a reason, a purpose, Mumsy. God is going to do great things with you!

  4. What a story! Very cool...great post...glad to know you...I'll look forward to more. BTW what is in your pictures? Peace

  5. A story of humanity yes, but also of heroics.

    Thanks for sharing it, Mumsy.

  6. Wow, what a story and I am sure you are a much stronger person after surviving that. I do wish you could somehow find him. What an awesome story.

  7. What a Man, a true loving Man! I am so happy you had him in your life....he was a true blessing.

  8. I'm so glad you were saved. I am so grateful that there are people left in the world with good clarity of purpose.

  9. I wish you could find him. It would be a wonderful reunion.

  10. so glad someone came to your rescue :D

  11. H is for
    ~Hasten Little Maiden~

    I have to say your post is poignant.
    Childhood for me was not a pleasant experience. It creeps into our work and makes us who we are today.

    Glad to have read your work and I thank you for sharing it.

  12. I'm happy that the Captain saved you so you could tell your story. Even though it breaks my heart at times.

  13. h is for healing too and I hope that your writings help with it...I am so glad you had the captain to bring light into your darkness.....thank you for sharing your story......Melinda

  14. My childhood is a time of deep is the pain that makes us who we are today. In seeps into our art, out writing...

    I read your piece with the realization that all of us are the sum of our parts.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Blessings this H Day.

  15. You've shared yet another chapter of this ordeal. Humanity, a good word for today.

  16. Cool. It's very fresh and young for sure.

  17. God was watching. Thank goodness for the kindhearted man. What a terrible thing to go through, we can't even imagine what it would be like for our kids to get a little fever here, and sounds like you had not even medication. Terrible aunt!

  18. Stay blessed for GOD KNOWS BEST.
    We do need Humanitarians like Captain Cook.
    Be happy and healthy.
    Love your tribute to him.

    Happy Thursday!



  19. He was there just when you needed hime the most ... he truly was a guardian angel!

  20. Such a well-written story. It's too bad you are unable to find the kind man. No doubt, his kindness returned to him.

  21. Thanks for sharing another chapter of your story. God definitely has a plan for your life!

  22. Thank you for your ongoing story. Heroes and angels can certainly come in many shapes and sizes.

    A courageous H post!


  23. Thank goodness he was there for you.

  24. I'm so thankful for your guardian angel!


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