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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dark Shadows of the Past

Nursing home is not where I want to go when I'm at the end! I made this decision after visiting a beloved couple two years ago. It was sad, and what I saw during those times visiting them, left a haunting nightmare in my soul.

They were left in this place called "Mercy Living" center, after they became seriously ill and couldn't take care of themselves anymore. Even the name of this nursing home ticked me off big time. Mercy Living! What the hell was that suppose to mean? Was there really mercy in the way they were treated? Why, Mercy Living? The shadow of these two words ate me alive the whole time that I was able to visit this couple.

It raised hell in my mind and in my heart. It consumed my thought everyday! I live and breathe the images of a forgotten society. These shadows of darkness followed me. This group of elderly people in their wheelchairs scattered everywhere in that center and the smell...oh the smell of filth...were enough to blow me right back out of those doors.

They were taunting images that assault every sense in my being. I watched my beloved couple helplessly and slowly deteriorated. They were ignored. They were treated cruelly, especially at night when there were no visitors around. They were left to sit in their own filth for hours on end. They were left to sleep through the night on the toilette seat. They were roughly handled if they needed assistance.

Mercy Living? Is this what they called Mercy Living? There is a bitter meaning in those two words. They were mentally tortured my mind.

Why are they shadows of darkness? For one reason, and one only, my time is coming! I will get there, becoming part of a forgotten society, depending on the mercy of others, waiting day after day to see a beloved face, and hoping to end the misery of life.

The images of not only my couple, but all of those elderly people still make me sad, and haunting my thinking of tomorrow.

Thanks for being here!


  1. that is a very sad story indeed. There are places that are different but they are few and far between. And what is it about night shift? I see similar attitudes at the hospitals I have worked at as well.

  2. Great take on the theme. How we treat our elderly is shocking. And some "homes" are deplorable.

  3. There are some lovely nursing homes that provide residents with quality care, but unfortunately they are few, far between and REALLY expensive with too few beds available.

    I grew up telling my mom that I would never allow her to go to a nursing home. She's terminally ill, under hospice car and lives at home with my husband and I. I know that God will help me fulfill my promise to my mother, but there are so many other seniors out there who don't have family or have family that doesn't step up.

    It's a sad situation and you're right - our turn is next. I'm hopeful that our generation can live in group situations and help each other out. I'm also hopeful that physician assisted suicide becomes law.

    Good post!

  4. I would say not all nursing homes are created equal. The one my mom is at, I think is very nice and she is well taken care of. Sometimes it is just not possible even though you try to keep an elderly person in their home or a child's home. After seeing how she is treated, I would have no qualms when I got old if I needed to be placed there.

    It does take time to adjust to some of the elderly that you see there when you go visit. My brother still can hardly go.

  5. I hope I can work up to the very end.

  6. I will have to go see one and observe. I haven't been to a nursing home in a long time. There is an award waiting for you at Have a wonderful day!

  7. This is a sad story and all too true. We do not value our elders or care for them well.

  8. poignant and haunting and, sadly, often true...

  9. What a fantastic way to write about this weeks theme. I loved it. Nursing homes can be so crappy. It's like the elderly are just objects. Very well done :)


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