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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water Jewel on Lavender Clover

My fascination for common weeds began when I discovered the macro function on my camera. At this time, about two years ago, I went through a long period of depression, and I thank God for leading me to find joy.

Clover After the Rain

The morning dews were just glorious on this common clover in our yard. They grew in great numbers during the summer months, and stayed blooming for long time. This clover fed bees and wasps which created great opportunities for me to take pictures.

Touches of Water Drops
For years, we walked on, and happily cut down these clovers without having to bash an eye lash, but after I saw how beautiful clovers were up-close, I felt sad having to cut the grass.

Full Bloom Clover
I haven't perfected my shot with water drops yet, but in time I will with the help of a new camera if I can get one. For now, these pictures pf the pink clovers were the best out of the bunch.

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  1. It's amazing how something so simple can bring you so much joy!!~ Love your shots....I can't wait to get a better camera to play around with!

  2. I love clover flowers. I always make a big deal about them when my kids pick me bouquets of clover. I wish I could smell them again. Stupid snow, why don't you melt already!

  3. But these are very beautiful shots! My favourite is the second one! Adorable!

  4. Beautiful! One of my favorite kind of shots to take, drops of water on flower. There is just something refreshing and beautiful about it.

  5. so pretty! i really like that first the tiny water drops!

  6. Ooh. When I was young I used to wished the bubbles in my bath were diamonds - today the water drops remind me of those moments.Thanks for bringing back the innocence in me...

  7. I think they are fabulous shots! I especially like the second photo.

    ~ Tracy

  8. I also love clover and weeds in general! all your photos are lovely, the middle one I really love.


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