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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun Flowers After the Rain

I love sun flowers, and I saw them in different colors other than the normal yellow ones for the first time last year. These sun flowers had more of an orange tone to them, with streaks of red lines on their petals.

My little boy loves to grow sun flowers, and he uses them to compare to his height. Some grow much taller than he is, and I'm happy to see him tending to his sun flowers garden.

These two sun flowers were caught under some other stronger and bigger plants, but the rain sure didn't miss them at all. The heavy water seemed to damage one, thus created these gorgeous curvy petals.

We plan on harvesting the seeds from this year crop, and grow them around our garden. The bees couldn't have enough of them and they brighten up our whole back yard as well. Registered & Protected


  1. Happy to see your smiling sun flowers today to brighten up my computer screen. We would always grown sunflowers and they would bloom around the time the kids would go back to school so that is how they judged how many more weeks before school would begin by the growth of the sunflowers:) I would love to go to Tuscany one day and see all those rows of rows of smiling sun flowers.

  2. They did look different but beautiful! I've seen the usual yellow one in my mom's garden but not anymore. She's more to orchids nowadays. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pic!

  3. aloha,

    I love the rain also and taking pictures like the one you've taken of your sunflowers...thanks for taking us there!

  4. bedraggled flowers
    after summer rain shower—
    soon they will revive

  5. Pretty :) Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  6. Sun flowers are one of my favorites! What a joyful sight to see every day. Last year one started growing quite on it's own next to the fence, I assume a traveling bird dropped a seed. I just loved looking at the happy face every day. Kathy

  7. sunflowers are so great, I agree. These pictures are too...they look so pretty drenched in water!

  8. Sunflowers are one of my favorites, too, along w/ gerber daisies! Very pretty pics

  9. I love sunflowers and need to start growing them too. Thanks for reminding me. Joan

  10. Ooooh! I like Teacher's haiku comment. Sunflowers remind me of home as I am a native Kansan. I never think to grow them though. I think my son would like to tackle that project.

  11. Oh I just love sunflowers. My youngest son and I always grew sunflowers when he was growing up! It was our favorite too. He just turned 19, and while he doesn't alway help me plant them now...I know he still enjoys them! :)
    These are a lovely color too. I'll have to look for some like these.

  12. So cheerful and lovely!
    Happy watery outdoor my friend.
    "Have Fun In The Sun"


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