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Sunday, February 28, 2010

On Snowy White

We have had quite a week with snow. On Monday, the snow was up to 8 inches deep and the children had their snow day off from school. We were out there digging ourselves out at the back door, and shoveled out our driveway, plus sidewalk.

Yes, it was cold and freezing when the wind kicked up, cutting through our clothing, but watching the children had fun building snowman, throwing snow balls, making snow angels, and spotting these shadows were more than making up for the temperature.

I caught this bush shadow where no one had touched the snow yet. Giving enough time, the children would invade this spot for their snow collection, or just running through for the fun of it.

There was nothing better than having fresh snow and sun shine combination. At least I can see the shadow of nature outside. I will have to enjoy it for now, and wait for summer to come back soon.

Thanks for being here!


  1. Cool shots, you must be way over snow by now! I am ready for Spring!

  2. These are beautiful Mumsy! I especially love the last one, with the sun making the snow sparkle. Beautiful. Kathy

  3. Kudos for you, if you can still see the beauty in the snow. I'm ready to go out and lift my leg on it!

  4. It was over 100 degrees today in Perth, so thank you for your cooling shots of the snow. I love them!

  5. It's good to be reminded that snow can be beautiful. We still have snow on the ground, but it's mostly black with soot by now. These are really lovely shadow shots!
    Happy Sunday

  6. Good Shadow Shots. The shadow of nature outside! What a great word picture too.

  7. I love the composition of these photos.... especially the second and third. I think the second one is my favorite.

  8. I just got your guestbook message and want to say thanks for signing and also.... I've been knitting since I was 11 years old.

  9. I love the shadows and contrast in these photos. Very cool


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