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Monday, February 1, 2010

Selfishly Say No!

Saturday morning, at an early hour my cell phone rangs, and the caller was my daughter. I had an instinct feeling that she wanted something from me. Sure enough, she wanted to come home. Her tone of voice was very unpleasant, as if I owed her this duty. I ought to drop everything, get on the road, drive for two hours and bring her home.

It wasn't a big deal for me to do this, but I suddenly feel very unappreciated. She seemed not to care what she was asking of me, my condition, my finance, or anything else. She wanted, and I gave. That's how it should go!

Every other weekend, I had exactly a day and a half to myself when my son was with his dad. On this day, I worked on my blogs such as setting up posts, writing articles, doing ads reviews, and catching up with what needed to be done around the house.

Since her dad was coming to our house for her little brother, I have suggested to her last night to catch a ride home with him. However, she had plans, she didn't want to come home this weekend, and she didn't want to ride with him. Her plan, her friends, her wishes were all for her, at her comfort. I didn't matter to her, or what I do wasn't important.

So we argued, and I hung up the phone! It then hit me that I've raised inconsiderate, selfish, and spoiled children. Though I don't pull in a big chunk of money working from home, I love what I do, and the flexible schedule it provides for me.

It makes me mad to think that everyone comes first on her list, and when she is disappointed, I'm the one she turned to bully her way through. You might say that it's my job as a mother, and I did think so too. Nevertheless, I am learning to say no, and put myself first!

Thanks for being here!


  1. Hello Mumsy.How old is she if you don't mind. I think I have to read more to know you.

    I like to try your pasta salad looks yummy.

    Regards and have a great day.

  2. Hi Regina,

    My daughter is 19..I guess as this age, it's all about her :-(

    Thanks for coming by!

  3. Ah! I remember 19. The world revolved around me then. It will get better, promise.

  4. I think at that age we are all thinking only of ourselves. I know I did too. It won't always be this way and you do have the right idea in that you need to put yourself first once in a while.

  5. That is a tough age. I hope it gets resolved between you. Wishing you peace.


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