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Thursday, February 25, 2010

F is For Friends

I am sitting here in front of my computer screen, and staring at the letter "F" for many hours now. Still, I can't find what I want to write about this F word! No, don't have a dirty mind. You can laugh, but don't finish that word, unless you really have to.

I thought of F for Friends, for Fun, and for Foes! However, digging back in my childhood's memory, I decided to write about Friends.

During the course of years I lived with my aunt, we moved to different areas many times, thus I didn't have friends, and couldn't remember if I had any friends at all. Once, my aunt was permanently assigned to another area which had boarding school/convent combo, I was already mature enough to realize that I had exactly three friends, two girls, and one boy.

My two girlfriends were the ones that made life bearable for me, and they were two years older than I was. They came from broken homes, and terrible environments, both had to endure horrid treatments from step-parents. The biological parents took the last draw by sending them to our boarding school to save their lives.

The three of us connected. I was the baby of our group at 10, and they were 12. They felt the need to protect me, but couldn't, so they gave themselves the role of care givers. After my beating session ended, they would bring me water to drink, and took care of my wounds. At times, when my aunt didn't allow me food, they would save portion of their own, snicked around and fed me. When they were punished with no foods to eat themselves, they stole from people's gardens and temples to make sure that I had at least a bite for my stomach.

I survived by my friends' generosities, and goodness. These two girls became my life lines-my real support system but without tubes or machinery hook-ups!

Our strict tradition weren't allowed girl and boy to be close, so the boy that took on the role of guardian over me had to stay invisible. He often walked behind me, made sure that no kids plowed into me or knocked me down. He fought with those that teased me about my physical awkwardness, including his own little brother.

One time, my aunt caught him giving me a cup of water at the well after our long walk to the beach and back, she was fumed with wild imagination, and the punishment for me was to kneel from eight until midnight in the middle of the convent/boarding school court yard, wearing a sign confessing my sin for flirting.

After this incident, the boy became even more of an invisible shadow, but I knew he would still be my hero if I ever needed him.

These were my three friends which I had lost, but could never forget!

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  1. I wish you could meet these friends again; it sounds like their care went beyond friendship and more like true sisters (and brothers) should be. I'm glad you had them in your life and they had you.

  2. My heart just breaks when I read about your childhood. Then it soars when I see how bravely you write about it. I'm so thankful that you had your "protectors". Even though they were just children themselves, they surrounded you with as much comfort as they could. Blessings on them. Kathy

  3. Real friends are always a lifeline. I'm glad you had these three.

    I'm sure your aunt's in hell. Quite sure.

  4. FINE FRIENDSHIP is a wonderful gift!!! Great F post! (See my FRIENDSHIP post also!) Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

  5. That was an awesome post! Those Friends where there in your life for a reason, Thank GOD!~ Do you know what ever happened to them? It would be great if you could sometime let them know just how special they where, or maybe you have already! I enjoy reading what you have to say!

  6. shedding silent tears for you and your lost childhood.

  7. i'm starting to know something about you. cheers!

  8. i'm so glad you had some friends during your awful times :D

  9. What a beautiful post about your friends

  10. I'm new here, so excuse me when I say, what the heck!??!?! Beatings? No food? Wounds?!?!?

    Was your Aunt Hitler's sister?


    That's awful!


  11. So glad you had friends when you so needed them.

  12. thankfully you were blessed with true friends ...

  13. Thank goodness you had these three friends. Who knows maybe some day you will reconnect with them. I know the Internet can be an amazing thing.

  14. Those were true friends. Do you think you can find them now online?

  15. My friends and I were separated and lost touch since we were in our teen years. Giving the harsh treatments that they've gone through, I sincerely doubted that they're still alive. On top of that, I don't remember their last names at all.

    I wish I could find them again too.

  16. Thank you for honestly sharing bits of your life story with us. Your friends were precious and true-- better to have only a few true friends than many "fair weather" friends!

  17. Mumsy, what you had to endure with beatings and no food was heartbreaking. I am glad you had that unconditional love from your three friends who protected you. Their love and support made you the special person you are today.

  18. What a brave post - well written with true feeling, well done!


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