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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shrimp Asparagus With Penne

For a while, I like the ready made pasta in the bag by Bertolli when they first introduced them to the public. The price was decent at about six dollars a bag, and they didn't taste that bad.

This ready made pasta was great for my family since we were on the road five evenings out of seven, for my little boy's soccer games and practices.

Take a look at the picture above, and you will see these ingredients:

  • shrimps--about 20-25 medium size, peeled and deveined
  • asparagus--one bunch, cut into bite sizes, washed, and steamed to tender
  • tomato--2 medium size, washed and cubed
  • minced garlic--1/2 teaspoon
  • pasta--your choice and cooked following direction on package
  • cilantro--washed, and chopped into 1 inch in length

The process of putting this Shrimp Asparagus penne pasta is very easy. It is a great imitation of the Bertolli pasta, and it contains all natural ingredients.
  • After your pasta is cooked, mix in a little Extra Virgin Oil, or margarine to keep the noodles from sticking together. Set aside!
  • Steamed your asparagus until tender to the fork. Or microwave them for about 2 minutes
  • In a frying pan, add one teaspoon of cooking oil with half teaspoon of minced garlic
  • Put in your cubed tomatoes and shrimps
  • Cook for about five minutes or until shrimps turned color
  • Combine the cooked pasta into this pan with asparagus.
  • Toss up well and serve with cilantro on top


  • Replace shrimps with beef, chicken, or pork to your liking
  • This meal can serve four people
  • Affordable and healthy
  • Asparagus can be replace with broccoli, or other favorite vegetables

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  1. say yummy, yum, am hungry now. thanks for dropping by. am following you.

  2. I love your yummy Sunday entry. The food looks so yummy... how I wish I can eat shrimps without allergic reactions after.

  3. the pasta looks great. but i'm kinda biased cause i've never met a pasta i didn't like :)


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