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Monday, January 25, 2010

You Might Have Anxieties

Since writing about Panicking or Hypertension, I found out that I was not alone! I know a few people who have this same problem, and one in particular woke up the same way I do! He went to the doctor and was prescribed Zantac. As it turned out, he was diagnosed with high anxieties.

I don't want to take any medications because the long list of side effects were enough to scare me stiff! The pill might treat one illness, but on the other hands it's giving birth to many others! Who wants that? Call me crazy but I am not willing to trade one illness for ten other problems.

So why do I have anxieties? Well darn, there are plenty of legitimate reasons, and I don't know exactly where to begin. Life itself is enough to give anybody high anxieties. Life for an old divorced mom is even worst, and living with no extra money for anything else could really do a number on health.

As long as I can function, I don't even want to find out what kind of illnesses I might have or not have. Heck, I haven't even seen a doctor in over four years, and yet, every month I receive a bill for my Priority Health. Now, if I have anxieties, this is one of the things that caused it.

I know now that I might have anxieties, so I will take extra times regulating my own heart rate, and calm my mind down before I hop out of bed.

Thanks for being here!

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  1. I can surely relate. I am anxious so much of the time, and it almost seems like a bodily habit sometimes. Oh, to calm and sooth the heart, the soul, and the head.


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