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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Branches on the Snow

After the snow came and went, I looked for shadow when the sun arises. I wasn't disappointed to find these lines on a fresh blanket of the snow! Since I wanted the undisturbed look on the snow, I had to take the picture from a distance away.

I like it when the snow is still white, clean, and smooth. Once it is walked on or shovel, the snow looked terrible and dirty.

I don't remember what this bush used to be in the warmer months since I saw this on a church's ground. It seems that those warm seasons were so long ago, and my body has gotten used to freezing temperature.

These are just simple lines from the branches of this bush, but it carries its own beauty and volume!

Thanks for being here!


  1. Fresh snow is the best, nothing like enjoying a blanket of it covering the ground while enjoying a great cup of coffee and an awesome book in hand. Your shots are awesome, Happy SSS! Chrisitne :D

  2. Fresh, clean, beautiful, untouched snow. Lovely snowy shadows!

  3. They are just simple lines but it is the simplicity that adds to the beauty! Very nice!

  4. I agree with Tracy. Simple but elegant. No more words to add. PERFECT...

    Take care.


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