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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deadly Beautiful

I must be crazy, but I realize that I like to join different memes around the week! Not sure if I want to stop doing this since I have so many photos in my archives. I like to share what I've taken these past two years.

To be perfectly honest, joining the memes/themes is the one of the best ways to meet other bloggers, and to see other fantastic blogs out there in the world. I've checking into Encard system too, but I'm sure if I have enough time for everything I want to do.

Now, let's get to the fun part of this beautiful, but deadly looking flower! As you can see, it is totally pink, and exotic! I don't have a clue what it is or its name, but I am totally speechless with its beauty, and complex structure!

Do you know what it is?

The little teeth you see on the petals are quite sharp! They can cut through your skin if you are not careful. In search for a perfect angle, I made a mistake of brushing over these teeth. Also, these beautiful pink flowers were in a store, so I was on my tip toes worrying that the owner might kick me out.

Craving for more pink photos, visit Pink Saturday!

Update: G at Doves Today identified this flower/plant as Aechmea Fasciata, a member of the Bromeliad family. Thanks G, for the information! Registered & Protected


  1. This is a wild beauty of a plant, with a spectacular flower! Beautiful pictures.
    Happy Pink Saturday and welcome to the greatest community of bloggers!

  2. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I also like to join memes. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  3. Beautiful succulent. Happy pink Saturday!

  4. fantastic flower no idea what it is but love the thought of you on tiptoes in the shop welcome to pink saturday:)

  5. Welcome and happy pink Saturday.What a beautiful flower, looks like a cactus. Have a nice pink day
    Riet, The netherlands

  6. Great pinks! Interesting and pretty little flower - thanks for sharing. Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Welcome to Pink Saturday. If these photos are any indication, can't wait to see more. You're so right...deadly beauty. I wish I knew what it was called. Simply stunning!

  8. That is one gorgeous plant. I don't know what it is, but it is so beautiful! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  9. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Mumsy. I am happy that you are here.

    I love bromeliads. The blooms here are gorgeous.

  10. Ouch! Still, it is very pretty in your well done pics. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. Hmmmmmm. I am wracking my brain as it looks familiar. It is definately lovely.
    Pink Blessings!

  12. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Wow, that flower is gorgeous! Talk about look but don't touch, ha!


  13. Beautiful flower AND photography! Thanks for visiting my new blog and becoming a follower. I'm happy to be your first follower! Hope you have a great Pink Saturday!

  14. Hi Mumsy! Welcome to Pink Saturday. Your photography is lovely. That is an amazing plant. I'll be looking forward to seeing more. Have a great day!

  15. I have seen that flower before but can't remember where. I have no idea what the name is, but it is deadly for sure. Welcome to pink saturday and it's nice to meet you. I agree that there is never enough time to do all that we want to do. One day at a time, Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have a great week, Char

  16. Whatever the plant is, it is a very pretty pink. Glad you shared it with this on this special day.

  17. Hi Mumsy, Welcome to Pink Saturday, Love your Pictures...Do stay with the meme's ...It is a great way to meet people,learn a little, and it gets people to your blog... Hope you have time to stop over at my place for a visit...I have a few garden pictures on my blog also...

  18. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your photos are amazing! With all of the snow around me now, it's nice to know that there is summer somewhere in this world☺

  19. Such gorgeous pink flowers. I also am clueless as to their name, but they're really pretty. Happy Pink Saturday and welcome. Have a wonderful weekend..

  20. It's an aechmea fasciata - a member of the bromeliad family, and not at all deadly! It's a very easy to grow houseplant.

    What a great choice, for a Pink Saturday!

    Have a great weekend.

  21. Welcome to Pink Saturday!
    Beautiful shot of that unusual flower.


  22. Hi Mumsy! Thank you for coming on over to my blog and wishing me a happy Pink Saturday! Your pink flower is amazing! I hope you find some quiet this weekend.

  23. That is a gorgeous flower. I have no idea what it is either. Happy Pink Saturday. Rosie

  24. Oh your photos are BEAUTIFUL! That flower is STUNNING!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. THose photos are gorgeous! I wish my succulants grew blooms...too hot and then too cold here....Welcome to Pink Saturday...BEcs

  26. Why does something so beautiful have to be so deadly? Maybe to keep us from picking the bloom! Happy Pink Saturday.

  27. Absolutely wonderful flower image.
    Joyce M

  28. Beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday...have a beautiful weekend...Kathy

  29. Hi Mumsy,

    WOW! I don't think I have ever seen a plant that looks like that. I see looking at the comments that you did receive an answer. I'm glad to read that it isn't really deadly. :) Just popped over to welcome you to the pink family.

    Sending you fairy magic and butterfly wishes for a .•*˙˙*•.HaPPy PiNk SaTuRdaY!.•*˙˙*•.

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  30. Hi everybody,

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome to Pink Saturday. You're so supportive, and wonderful group of people!

    To those that think this flower is deadly, it is only deadly in the sense that it's so BEAUTIFUL..I didn't mean it the other way :-)

  31. Looks like the blossom of an aloe plant - definitely something from the cactus family. Maybe you could Google cactus blossoms or something.
    It is gorgeous!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  32. Though I'm late :-) yes it is bromeliad, but I've only seen a mini version from a neighbor once.

    Also, I agree about memes and meeting others. Through PS I get to meet lovely people out there.



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