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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Spending sometimes outside does my body and mind good. I get to fill my lung with fresh air, and also have a moment to take in the wonderful view of nature.

While the weather is still colder than I would have like, I went by the river to hunt for photo opts. The geese seemed careless about the freezing wind. They were still out in flocks.

They were hungry of course; therefore when they saw humans, they came in closer for some crumbs. I didn't bring anything to feed them, and ignored the group of geese that followed me, to get the above picture of these four geese.

As soon as I moved toward these four geese, the others followed me as well, and joined the group. They followed me, and I followed them. There is a sense of harmony between nature, animals, and human.

Thanks for being here!


  1. I LOVE watching geese and ducks... pretty photos!

  2. very true....and those critters are always hungry :o)


  3. These photos are so pretty! The vapor coming from the buildings across the waterway...against the blue sky. The lighting of the sunshine. The geese....

    All beautiful.

  4. Oh what a composition! I just followed your blog.

  5. There is such contradiction in your lovely photos. I hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  6. Wildlife and man seem to be face-to-face in this image. Nice job!
    Joyce M

  7. I love your photography, and how you present the pictures!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Something She Wrote - and for playing along with today's post. I really like the story!

    Best to you through blogging and writing. :)


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