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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Orchid Flowers in Sepia

Knowing that not too many people like to read nowadays, I found another meme to join! Reading? Who has time to read when we are always rushing to finish so many things at once!

The best thing about joining memes is that you will get to meet other bloggers who share the same interests as you. My pet wee is I love transforming pictures or do something different to them. With new software, I find this process amazingly easy to play around with.

This is a branch of little orchid flowers, with a touch of very light pink on the petals, and scatter lavender spots on them. The petals on these orchids were thick and very hardy looking.

I wish these orchid flowers had a better background, but they were placed by a rusty window, so using the sepia color fixed it perfectly.

Here you see another beautiful type of orchid flowers! They are very small, with white petals, and deep purple center. These orchids had thinner petals and very delicate looking.

Again, these orchid flowers were place by some rusty beams, so their background wasn't that pretty in colors to begin with. Registered & Protected


  1. Nicely done. Love the way you framed your photos too!

  2. Nice. Bet the orchids would love to be photographed up close with a macro lens.

  3. So delicate! And I really like how you finished the edges of the shots.

  4. You are right. No one has time to read! That's why I love to post photos, too. Your flowers DO look really good in sepia.


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