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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enough With the X Already!

Call this post a rant or rambling as you might like, but I just have to write about it. After all, this is my RAW thoughts and feelings. I am having a hard time understanding the choices or decisions people make. These people in particular are my sister, my niece, and nephew.

Mind you, I don't care what they do, but when it comes to have something to do with my X, I'm fumed! I just really wish that these people in particular, took my feeling into consideration. He is my X, and someone I prefer not to see or hear from again. Giving the fact that we have children together, I work with that issue the best I know how.

If you have read my previous post, you knew that my niece and nephew wanted to spend the day with my X, along with my children. How is it all right? I don't know! They don't feel odd and are fine with it. During the course of my ten years as a divorced woman, I forced myself to think of these events as though my niece/nephew is my children's friends, and they were with the X just for that reason.

Then again, the X's niece/nephew never feel right to hang out with me! It makes me think that I am done with them, and that's how it should be with my family toward the X. Could it be that I am jealous or selfish? It may be so! All I want is just a clean cut! My family should treat the X as his family treated me. Is that too much to ask? What gives these people the right to dangle with my X?

If my X is a considerate person, or a caring person, I don't think I would mind that much. However, he prizes himself on the fact that my family can't let go of him, and that they still want him around or hang out with him. Well, pardon me but this has gone on way too long, and too much!

My sister, upon learning that my X added her old boyfriend on his Facebook, that she too, will add him. She went on to tell me that, "You don't understand, your X is a friendly guy", after I asked her why she would add him. What don't I understand? Didn't I stay with him for over 20 years? So what if he is friendly? What does that have to do with her?

I know what she is after, but really, where do you draw the line? Where do I fit in this situation? She has nothing to do with him these last 10 years, and now suddenly wants to be friend with him? Come on, enough is enough!

Thanks for being here!

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  1. Hello.. I came across your blog from Pink pink.. but I love your post! I love your Blog! Heavens... We have much in common..and yes.. the line should have been drawn... sorry.. but that is just my opinion.. I also found out just the other day.. FB.. has been the root of many many divorces, broken friendships. etc... pertaining to situation just as you mentioned..mmmmmm~ maybe your X should read about that....


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