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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Childhood Series

This is a series into my childhood memories. What I have written here, is what I've salvaged to remember, from a very long time ago. I don't hold grudges for what happened, but I have grown from those experiences to become who I am today.

By the way, the series starts from A to Coming home, that means read from the bottom up :-)


  1. I like how you've articulated the journey into one full alphabet round! Yeah! I couldn't even keep up with one round and with multiple subjects. :-)

  2. Hi, I was directed here by Zen. I was moved by your story. So sorry to hear what you went through. I am not ashamed to admit that I have fallen victim to abuse, and my children were not spared. I have written about this too in my blog.

    I am happy that we have both overcome the dark past and moved on to become stronger, better individuals.

    I am happy to have found your website. You have just won yourself a regular reader. :)


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